Leonor Will Never Die Review: If Being John Malkovich Was Even Weirder – Polygon | Episode Movies

Halfway through Martika Ramirez Escobar’s fantasy bending reality Leonor will never die, Leonor (Sheila Francisco), an aging action screenwriter, goes outside for a smoke. Leonor denies the seriousness of her financial situation, and tensions over an unpaid utility bill have led to arguments between her and her son Rudy (Bong Cabrera), who tells his mother … Read more

Parcel Theft Is On The Rise: Is It Time To Start Selling Video Doorbells? – CEPro | Episode Movies

It is the season of gifts: giving gifts, selling gifts, delivering gifts and stealing gifts. With the holidays just around the corner and Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday fast approaching, more people than ever are planning to order online. It also happens to mean that people are more concerned with parcel theft than ever, which … Read more

Amazon Prime Video Crew Made Smooth Transition To Studio – ActionNewsJax.com | Episode Movies

Ryan Fitzpatrick is already looking forward to next Black Friday. The well-travelled quarterback-turned-analyst is part of Amazon Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football” crew, which will broadcast the first NFL game the day after Thanksgiving in 2023. “It’s a great idea. It’s a great time to have a game. Everyone will be huddled up and ready … Read more

Chinese cameras banned from UK government’s ‘sensitive’ websites – E&T Magazine | Episode Movies

British government agencies have been ordered to stop installing surveillance cameras made by companies subject to China’s national security law amid security concerns. The UK government is cracking down on Chinese technology by banning the use of certain “visual surveillance systems” at “sensitive” government sites. The ban applies to surveillance cameras and other systems owned … Read more

Analysis | Abandoning the Middle East? The Navy’s AI drone fleet says otherwise – The Washington Post | Episode Movies

Comment on this story comment For more than a decade, Washington’s Arab partners in the Persian Gulf have feared that the US is slowly leaving the region. This view ignores strong evidence that American security exposure remains high, even in the face of the recent US-Saudi Arabia row over oil prices. Nonetheless, the 50-year-old Carter … Read more

The North China Leopard’s Reappearance Around Beijing – CGTN | Episode Movies

Beijing’s Mentougou District recently launched the Welcome Home Leopard program, and thanks to improvements in the ecological environment and biodiversity conservation, the North China leopard has reappeared. Located at the junction of Taihang and Yanshan Mountains, Mentougou District is the original habitat of the North China leopard and one of seven biodiversity hubs in Beijing, … Read more

New laws to better protect victims from abuse of intimate images – GOV.UK | Episode Movies

new criminal offenses to be created in combating abusers who share intimate images without consent nhanges will strengthen the law and deliver on the PM’s promise to ban downblousing Comprehensive package of measures to modernize legislation after review by the Legal Commission Under a proposed change to online safety law, people who share so-called “deepfakes” … Read more

Walmart Shooting Raises Need for Workplace Violence Prevention – ActionNewsJax.com | Episode Movies

NEW YORK – (AP) – Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Walmart in Virginia was just the latest example of a workplace shooting committed by an employee. But while many companies offer active shooter training, experts say the focus is much less on how to prevent workplace violence, specifically how to identify and address worrisome employee … Read more