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The popularity of cannabis in the film industry is no secret. There is a plethora of actors and filmmakers openly consuming weed.

Are you a budding director or screenwriter with a penchant for cannabis? The effects of premium marijuana strains Autoflower weed seeds can increase your creativity.

Read on to discover five amazing filmmakers who are open about their love of the herb.

1.Oliver Stein

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Oliver Stone is one of the greatest directors of all time. His work includes iconic films such as train and Natural born killers. The filmmaker is also a passionate advocate for cannabis.

Stone’s appearance on the cover of High Times Magazine in 2012 (before weed was legalized) speaks volumes. The image of a famous director confidently smoking a fat blunt in front of the camera is legendary.

The magazine interview reveals Stone’s long history with marijuana. The director talks about his arrest for weed smuggling in 1968 and his desire for legalization.

Oliver Stone’s words about cannabis show his passion. He talks about marijuana: “It should be sold as it is in liquor stores and there shouldn’t be any social stigma. This is insane hypocrisy.” His ideas have been implemented in legal pharmacies in many American states.

The director is a true advocate of marijuana and easily makes this list.

2.Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith smoking weed

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Kevin Smith is a writer, director, actor and a master at making people laugh. His iconic comedies include employee and Hunt for Amy. He also plays Silent Bob alongside his friend Jay (Jason Mewes). The two are recurring characters in most of his films.

Her roles as hilarious stoners are popular enough to warrant a standalone act Jay and Silent Bob Brand. The two friends have numerous films that revolve solely around their ridiculous and hilarious antics.

Smith is open about his love for the plant and the use of weed in his films is clear. He also credits cannabis with saving his life.

There are many filmmakers who smoke weed recreationally, but Kevin Smith is also a passionate advocate of medicinal cannabis seeds.

3. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen smoking weed

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For many, Seth Rogen is as famous for his association with cannabis as he is for movies. his movie Pineapple Express is one of the best stoner comedies. Some strains reference Hollywood classics in subtle ways, but this movie gave rise to a popular strain of the same name.

The writer/actor is synonymous with weed and most of his films contain direct references to cannabis. Rogen likes to lean into that role, even producing YouTube videos of himself rolling joints.

A list of filmmakers who enjoy marijuana is incomplete without its endorsement by Seth Rogen.

4. Harmony Korine

Spring Breakers Director Smoking Weed

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Harmony Korine has been involved in controversial films such as children (1995) and gum (1997). His early work deals with exceptionally dark and provocative themes, but his more recent films are more light-hearted.

The filmmaker’s love of marijuana is evident throughout his career. Korine’s 2019 film The Beach Goer is a stoner comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg.

The director even envisions the audience watching the film in theaters with real marijuana smoke. He wants them to do it Odor what you see.

Korine’s commitment to weed in the film industry makes him an obvious choice for this list. The director is pioneering the concept of the actual Cannabis Smell-O-Vision.

5. Danny Devito

Dumbo smoking weed

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Danny Devito is one of the greatest actors and fun to watch when high. His role in It’s always sunny in Philadelphia is iconic.

The actor is also a filmmaker with whom he made his directorial debut The rating game 1984. DeVito is also comically open about his marijuana use.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance in 2022 Jimmy Kimmel Live reveals the extent of Danny’s humorous use of cannabis. The actor recalls getting stoned in a 1988 prank in which DeVito gave him a cigar containing marijuana.

More than 30 years later, Schwarzenegger’s attempt to repay the favor is a hilarious failure. Danny knows the smell of weed too well to fall for the same trick.

You may be wondering about the health effects of smoking marijuana. Danny DeVito is 77 years old and looks as energetic as ever. It is possible that he will no longer hit blunts or joints. Thanks to modern advances, there are alternatives such as vaping or buying cannabis oil.

Danny DeVito is a legend of the big screen and television. He’s also among the funniest filmmakers to use weed.

Lighters, joints, contentment!

Cannabis is a source of creativity for many, so it’s no surprise that filmmakers enjoy the herb. There is a plethora of artists across all mediums claiming that weed aids their process. Some call marijuana their muse, embodying the plant as a power of inspiration.

The filmmakers on this list are just a few of many. Countless other directors and writers use weed for a variety of reasons. If you look consciously, you can see the influence of cannabis in a variety of films, shows, and other art forms.

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