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ARTICLE – Here are some gift ideas for the photographer on your shopping list!

Nixplay 10.1 inch touch screen photo frame

When you live far away from your family, you tend to do whatever it takes to stay connected. One way my sister and I have discussed to better keep in touch with our parents is to get them a wireless digital picture frame. Keeping up with the reviews, Nixplay has been rated highly, reliable and easy to use when it comes to its digital photo frames. Its 10.1 inch touchscreen photo frame is the perfect size for any room. Nixplay includes a wealth of features such as B. detecting when you’re in the room and turning it on/off, setting up a time of day to turn it on/off (for those who keep it on your bedside table in your bedroom!) a high-quality IPS display, simple easy to use app and above all the extremely easy setup for everyone.

The Nixplay 10.1 inch touchscreen photo frame is a great device for sharing photos and making friends and family happy for years to come, because seeing a surprise photo of your niece when you wake up in the morning would make anyone happy brighten the day!
Price: $151.99
Where to buy: NixPlay and Amazon

Manfrotto Type B CFExpress card and card reader

The Manfrotto Professional memory card reader connects to your computer and enables high-speed transfers of your photos and videos from your CFExpress Type B memory card. It is Windows and Mac compatible, so compatible with most computers.

By using high-speed USB 3.2, transfers of up to 10 Gbit/s are possible (2x faster than USB 3.0). 30 inch UЅВ Туре-С to Туре-С and Туре-С to Туре-А cables are both included.

The anodized aluminum housing not only ensures durability, but also serves as a heat sink to aid in cooling. A rear USB Type-C port offers universal compatibility for use with cables of different lengths.

A rubber end cover keeps dust out and protects the card while driving. The cover is easy to detach when you want to remove it. Fast and reliable file transfers make the Manfrotto Professional memory card reader the perfect gift for any photographer.

The Manfrotto Professional 128GB, PCIe 3.0, CFexpress Type B memory card offers unparalleled performance in an industrial-grade package. Professional DSLRs and advanced CSC cameras need fast and reliable memory cards. The Manfrotto CFExpress Type B card was designed for these demanding photo and video tasks.

Professional performance is paramount. With download speeds of up to 1730MB/s and capture speeds of up to 1540MB/s, the Manfrotto CFExpress Type B card can record 8K, 6K and 4K video at high frame rates and incredible speeds.

In demanding environments like heat and cold, you need a memory card that doesn’t stop. Rated for temperature ranges from -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F), Manfrotto Professional memory cards are built to withstand demanding temperature swings such as the sub-zero Arctic or leaving your memory card in a hot car.

As a photographer, I can assure you that we can have more and more memory cards. The Manfrotto Professional memory cards are sure to be well received by any photographer.
Where to buy: Manfrotto Professional Memory Card Reader – $54.99
Professional 128GB PCIe 3.0 CFexpress™ Type B memory card – $186.99

PivoPod Lite

The Pivo Pod Lite is an auto-tracking wireless smartphone stand that automatically adds motion to your videos. Stay in the picture with automatic 360° face and body tracking. That means whenever you move, the device moves with you to add a unique and fun element that makes your videos more interactive. There’s even a pose mode so you can shoot hands-free with ease. This portable stand can be a great tool for anyone creating video content and online streaming sessions.
Price: $80.00
Where to buy: pivo.ai and Amazon

DxO imaging software

If you’re looking to buy something special for the photographer in your life this Christmas, consider one or more of these DxO products: DxO PhotoLab, DxO FilmPack or DxO Viewpoint.

The image above shows DxO PhotoLab – a comprehensive image editor that supports practically every RAW format currently in play, from Canon to Nikon to Sony and all others. This editor reads the EXIF ​​data for your photos and automatically offers to download correction data for your camera and lens combination and apply these corrections automatically. Some of these corrections are subtle, but also important for the photographer who wants the most accurate image representation possible. The software also includes a fairly intuitive photo manager to help you organize, tag, and easily find your favorite photographer’s pictures. It’s also important to note that DxO uses no-subscription licenses, so once you buy it, you own that version. Today there are no monthly or yearly fees like Photoshop and many other applications. Personally, I don’t mind the subscription-based approach, but I see many other photographers who seem to think differently on the photo forums.

Here’s a before and after comparison of a picture I took in Toronto this summer. After applying the automatic perspective correction in DxO Viewpoint, you’ll notice that the typical “tilt” of the buildings left and right that plagues these types of photos has been corrected in a matter of seconds! Any photographer who takes photos of tall buildings and other subjects prone to perspective distortion would be happy to get a copy of this handy tool. It works as a standalone application or as a plugin in DxO PhotoLab or Adobe Photoshop. This type of perspective correction can still take quite a bit of time if you do it manually in Photoshop. The application also has a number of other features, such as the ability to mimic the popular “small world” effect of an expensive tilt-shift lens.

Suppose the photographer in your life already has a bag full of photography gear, Adobe Photoshop, and whatever else he thinks he needs. If you’re like me and have been doing this for a while – oh, let’s say 50 years or so – you might miss the look and feel of the old film days at times. Make no mistake, I have no desire to go back to the film era and I’m not really nostalgic for the many hours I spent in a darkroom. I enjoyed all of this at the time, but digital gear has opened up so many more possibilities for me and I really love how technology has changed image capture. However, I sometimes wonder what an image I’m working on would look like if I had shot it on black and white Tri-X film with my old Minolta SLR. With DxO FilmPack (shown above as a plugin for Abobe Photoshop), I can recreate the look of hundreds of ancient film styles right back to the dawn of photography—even before I even picked up a camera!

I really enjoyed playing with these innovative tools from DxO. Maybe someone you know would like to try them too?
Price: DxO PhotoLab $219, DxO ViewPoint $99, DxO FilmPack $139
Where to buy: dxo.com

Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW camera bag

If you have a photography enthusiast or even a professional photographer on your gift list, a great option would be a nice gear backpack that allows them to take their camera and accessories like lenses and a tripod anywhere, including on hikes and hikes off the main trails.

The Lowepro Trekker Lite collection is the number one choice for adventures in travel photography and the Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW is the perfect gear backpack for any photographer. Features include a soft structure and modular inserts, a removable GearUp camera insert and a harness set with 3 large top, side and front grab handles. There is also a hidden belt system and a separate laptop compartment on the back for quick security checks when traveling through airports or other security-sensitive locations.

The Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW backpack is lightweight and made from 79% recycled and solution-dyed fabrics to reduce water wastage, which is good for the environment. You also get an all-weather AW cover to protect your gear from rain, snow and dust.
Price: $146.99
Where to buy: Lowepro website and Adorama

Manfrotto MOVE quick change system

The Manfrotto MOVE Quick Release system is designed to speed up changing between photo or video setups. The MOVE is made from anodized machined aluminum and is compatible with 3/8″ and 1/4″ mounting screws on tripods, light stands or motion control devices. By adding bases to your various mounts and the plate to any compatible device, you can quickly and easily switch gear from one setup to the next with a simple twist. Insert the new device and you’re good to go. This system can support up to 44 lbs and weighs only 0.49 lbs, making it the lightest quick release system on the market.

Price: $99.99
Where to buy: Manfrotto and Amazon

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