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Disney is well known to have taken us to some strange and wondrous places over the past century, but its new film could be, well, the strangest still. strange world is the latest extravaganza from Disney’s animation studios, and while it may be inspired by the classic adventure films of yesteryear, the film has a very important message for today’s audience.

In an interview with Lifehacker Australia, strange world Director Don Hall, writer and co-director Qui Nguyen, and producer Roy Conli discussed their film’s family dynamics and its important activist message.

strange world follows the Clades, a legendary family of explorers, as they embark on a journey into a wild, unknown land to save their homeland. It’s a family that spans three generations, with Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his son Ethan Clade (Jaboukie Young-White) reuniting with their long-lost father and grandfather Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid) on their travels. unite.

Strange World (Image: Disney)

To establish the generation gap between these three men, the filmmakers were not afraid to draw on their personal experiences.

“My father is a farmer in Iowa, and Ethan’s story is very relatable to me. I was learning everything about the farm and at a certain point I knew it wasn’t me and it wasn’t what I wanted to do,” Hall said.

“Of course you love your father and you don’t want to let him down, but you also have to be yourself and stay true to yourself. So that you are directly detached from my own personal experience.”

Nguyen said it was important to map the “generational differences” between the three clades by embedding them in relatable real-world traits.

“Don and I are very similar to Searcher — we’re very much in the Gen X pocket, and, you know, Ethan is very reflective of a generation that’s very contemporary in the real world,” Nguyen explained.

“I think it was easy to draw from that. That meant we made some decisions to reconcile that. Even though video games didn’t exist in our world, we still wanted Ethan to be a gamer like our own children. So he’s a tabletop gamer playing this card game ‘Primal Outpost’ to reflect certain things that we can all relate to.”

strange world disney
Strange World (Image: Disney)

Added to this is the strangeness of strange world is a somewhat adorable new creature, Splat, which resembles a small bruise with scrawny limbs. While Splat has already won hearts in the trailers released so far, Nguyen and Hall emphasized that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

“He has some surprising moments…” Nguyen said. “There are versions of him that you’ll discover throughout the film that aren’t always so altruistic.”

“We just thought it would be more fun if Splat had motives that might be a bit mysterious at times,” Hall added.

Like many recent releases, many Strange world The production took place in the middle of the pandemic, which the creatives said was a challenge. Conli said it was the film’s strong theme that helped them all.

“I think Don came up with a very strong theme at the top,” Conli said. “This one was pretty amazing in that everyone embraced it and we just kept going. That’s an important aspect of these stories.”

strange world disney
strange world (Image: Disney)

Along with this idea of ​​the family is an important conservation issue, particularly in relation to climate change, which Hall says was “absolutely intentional.”

“It might have started with climate change, but it kind of evolved in early research,” Hall said. “Of course, climate change is a big deal. It’s an existential threat we’re facing right now, but there are (sic) others as well. So I wanted to expand it so that it’s not just specifically about climate change. It’s actually about a bigger question, namely; how do we live?”

“As humans, there is no escaping our having a massive impact on this planet and the life forms we share it with. So we have to deal with this question. We must reconcile this issue. You can’t run away from that.”

“That will be the challenge of my generation, my children’s generation and generations beyond. So for me there is no bigger question that we need to address and that’s kind of how we started.”

Disney’s strange world Theatrical release on November 24th.

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