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Miguel Nunez plays Harris Grant, the Duncan family lawyer The family business. But who is Miguel Nunez when the cameras stop rolling?

What is “The Family Business”?

The family business is a VH1 television show about a prominent businessman with a shady past who tries to right his past mistakes and turn the tide of the family business around.

The show follows each character as they navigate the struggles of family drama, financial pressures, and moral dilemmas while keeping the business afloat. The family business is a heartbreaking yet inspiring story that resonates with viewers of all ages.

Who is Miguel Nunez?

Miguel Nunez has dominated the television screens in recent years due to his role as Harris Grant The family business.

Grant is the husband of London, the eldest daughter of the Duncan family. He’s also her family lawyer and fixer. As such, he plays a fairly large role in most family businesses.

But who is Miguel Nunez outside The family business?

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. has been a Hollywood staple since the 1980s, appearing in films such as Juwanna Mann and The Best Man Holidayand TV shows such as friends, live single and Nashville.

Nunez has played many small roles on television, but he landed his big break as Marcus Taylor on the hit CBS series mandatory tour. Since then he has appeared in films such as lifewith Martin Lawrence and Why do fools fall in lovealongside Halle Berry, Vivica A. Fox, Lela Rochon and Larenz Tate.

What you should know about The Family Business’s Miguel Nunez

Miguel Nunez is a legendary actor loved by so many in the black community. Still, not much is known about him outside of his acting career. To learn more about him, here are five facts about Miguel Nunez:

MIguel Nunez is executive producer

Sure, Miguel Nunez is a talented actor. But when he’s not busy working in front of the cameras, he’s working somewhere behind them.

In 2014 he served as executive producer for school dance, An American teen comedy film written, directed and starring Nick Cannon. The film follows the story of a high school freshman named Shaun who must battle an intimidating high schooler to win the affection of his crush and earn respect from his peers.

With its combination of outrageous humor, heartfelt drama and infectious hip-hop soundtrack, school dance is an entertaining film that speaks about the struggles of young people everywhere. And as a result, the film has become a cult classic for its unique take on the high school experience.

He hasn’t been sick in 30 years

Maintaining a busy life as an actor can take a toll on your body. But in an interview with Luenell for VladTV, Nunez explains that apart from a few bouts with COVID-19, he hasn’t been sick in more than three decades!

“I didn’t have a cold — I wasn’t sick at all,” he reveals. “I’ve been sick twice in 30 years, and both were with Corona.”

But even more shocking is what he attributes to his health: kerosene.

“You take a teaspoon of kerosene. You’ll boo more than you’ve ever booed. You will throw up at the same time. That’s because inside your body, what shouldn’t be there is fucking coming out.”

He was destined to be a star

In an interview for VladTV, Nunez revealed that he knew he wanted to be a Hollywood actor from a young age – 3 years old to be exact.

“My mom said the first time she hit me, she said I told her, ‘If I’m going to be a movie star, I’m not going to buy you anything.'”

But that’s not all. He also recalled the first time his uncle, a car dealer, brought home a Cadillac with California plates.

“They said I sat on the street and just rubbed the number plate all day. All day. [I was] thought, ‘This car was in California. That’s where I’m going to live and be on TV.’”

He believes in manifestation

Miguel Nunez is an accomplished actor, but before he found fame and fortune, he had humble beginnings.

As the grandson of a preacher, Nunez was very close to the church. And during his upbringing, one Bible verse seemed to stick in his mind.

“I have always believed that the power of life and death resides in the tongue,” he explained, adding that he was “a product of that principle.”

He revealed that although he was too young to understand its importance, he lived his reality every day.

“Every single day of my life I’ve said it to anyone who would listen [that I would become a Hollywood actor.]”

And despite the naysayers, he did just that. Nunez continued to act in small roles on television and film until he got his big break. Today, Nunez has an impressive acting portfolio with no plans to stop.

He moved to Hollywood with $3 to his name

For the majority of aspiring actors, making it in Hollywood is incredibly competitive. Still, many make the trip to La La Land in hopes of becoming a star.

Nunez is no exception, and he revealed that in his interview with The Humor Mill. He said he quit his job abruptly after realizing he was unhappy. And in another spur of the moment decision, he packed his bags and bought a bus ticket for a trip to California with just $3 in his name.

Still, life was anything but smooth for Nunez. He worked multiple jobs to not only make ends meet but to get noticed in the industry. Luckily, after much trial and error, he landed a starring role in a restaurant commercial. And the rest was history.

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