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“Let me make a promise. I’ll only tell you my darkest secrets,” Gomez said in the opening sequence of her documentary. Selena Gomez: My mind and I, which released on November 4th on Apple TV+. The documentary, which spans six years from 2016 to 2022, follows Gomez’s raw journey of self-discovery as she struggles with fame, lupus and, most importantly, mental health. Your film is not a publicity tactic; Instead, it’s an exploration of Gomez’s complex character. My mind & I Inspires viewers not by presenting Gomez as the gold standard of fame and fortune, but by showing how human it is to be locked in a cycle of hurt and healing.

Gomez, 30, began professional acting with a role in Barney landed an executive role at Disney’s at the age of seven Wizards of Waverly Place at the age of 13 and continued to act in countless films and develop a thriving music career. She is currently starring in Hulu’s Only murders in the building and even launched her own makeup brand, Rare Beauty, in 2020. But filmmaker Alek Keshishian rarely shows these triumphs of her career My mind & I and instead narrows the narrative around Gomez’s mental health.

Gomez’s struggles were no secret — the star has been open about her diagnosis of lupus and bipolar disorder, as well as her struggles with depression and anxiety. in the My mind & IAfter a woman on Gomez’s team told her there’s no shame in not sharing her bipolar diagnosis with the world because “that becomes the narrative,” Gomez quickly replies, “And I’m sure that means how.” , what – certain people or directors or something that might not want to work with me? But then why would I want to work with them at all?”

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