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Braxton Berrios, WR

(On what the Patriots did in the game today)

“They do a lot and they do a lot, really sounding. Obviously I haven’t seen all the pieces a second time, so I won’t go into detail. They played a little bit better than we did.”

(Via The Frustration Of The Lost)

“Of course we lost the game. If we got away with six [points] and won the game we would still be frustrated, of course, but at least we won. At the end of the day, you walk away frustrated with every loss. You know what you put into this game and you know what you put in each week.”

(When passing the division opponents)

“It’s a divisional opponent and you’ll see them twice a year. Obviously, division games are a bit more important in terms of year-end rankings. We’re lucky to be able to think about it. Of course at the end of the day we have to go back and find out what we did wrong and what we can do better and just keep improving. Here, too, we have a long way to go.

(On the quiet dressing room)

“Like I said, we all put everything into this thing, hours and lots and lots of time, our life revolves around it and of course it’s frustrating. It would be ridiculous to say it’s not, but at the end of the day it’s meant to be frustrating, every loss is meant to be frustrating. Obviously all credit to them, we were in a dogfight and they made one more move than us and that’s reflected in the score. Like I said it is what it is, we’ll go back tomorrow and find out what we can do better and Tuesday will be off and Wednesday will be a new week.

Justin Hardee, CB

“I triple-matched and they triple-matched me the whole game. I’m not doing this as an excuse because I beat the triple team today. But they have a good block, they have a good block, they were ahead… I was trying to chase him, obviously I wasn’t close enough. I was trying to track him down and got hit. Whether side or rear, it wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t up to Jets standards by my standards. I imposed it on myself. I’ll go and work harder, go into the film room more. To do everything to make this team better. To make something special, teams group better. It’s not just about me, there are eleven guys on the field. But as a captain, I will always point the finger at myself first.”

(About the outcome of the game)

“However we lost it was devastating because that’s the way we lost. We have seven games left, lots of football. So it was a game, we have to keep going, stay positive, keep our momentum and prepare .” for Chicago. That’s our only concern right now, Chicago. This game is over, we’ll come in tomorrow, get the fixes, all the hard love and move on.

CJ Mosley, LB

(On the defense making the stops)

“It’s just our mentality every time, the opponent doesn’t matter. When you have defenders like us here and they all trust each other, it makes us happy every time we go out on the field. Every time we get the moment we make the most of it.”

(On the way the game ended)

“It was tough, obviously everyone thought we were going to overtime. Credit to them who have done their work. They did a great job blocking and freeing their player. It was tough, but that’s the NFL. There were worse losses. We have seven more so I’m definitely excited. I’m ready for next week. We have to go back to work tomorrow.

(Only give up three points in defense)

“It was a tough defeat, that’s for sure. But it’s not the end of the world. We have a chance to go out there next week and try to do our best and be great as a team. So that’s what we’re doing and we’re excited too.”

Tyler Conklin, TE

(On punt return touchdown)

“I was just trying to get down there and take my responsibilities as the first person downstairs. At the end of the day, no matter what the punt, as a unit we shouldn’t let that happen. It doesn’t matter if the punt is high or low. As a punt unit, you can’t let that happen, so it’s up to everyone.”

(In the offensive fight today)

“It was just a weird game out there today. It seemed like we couldn’t get anything going. The running game, the passing game, I wish I knew how to answer those questions. Personally, I found it a weird game too. We just have to get better as a unit. It doesn’t matter if it’s the run game or the pass game, everyone contributes. We all had plays that we could have made or should have made better and we have it didn’t do it. As a unit, we all have to look at ourselves personally and think about what we could have done better in the future to not have that kind of performance again.”

Garret Wilson, WR

(On Zach Wilson’s diagonal pass miss)

“We had one of those routes and we knew we wanted to win the game. We felt like we had an opportunity to win the game on offense, we kept letting it pass us. It’s frustrating, towards the end of the game some of these things get amplified. As I said, earlier in the game we missed some opportunities and they continued to evolve. Frustration is certainly part of this game.

(To fix the passing game)

“It starts in training week, it needs to get better, the things we see and don’t call out, it needs to start being called out. That’s unacceptable, nobody wants to feel like that. It’s just not enough, you have to do something about it hopefully this is a wake up call for us at the facility we need to figure out our details.

John Franklin-Myers, DL

(About the game of defense)

“We had a great game plan. Obviously it wasn’t good enough. I think the manager did a good job to put us in the right position. We need to capitalize more. They unleashed a few on us, we need to do it right to play.” But overall I think we did well. It’s a mindset. You go out every game expecting to knock them out. It’s just another game, another opportunity to do this. The Patriots have some great players, some great running backs, the breakers are doing a lot of tackles. We got that. We understood that we had to get people on the ball and I think we did that well.”

“It goes back to the coach putting us in good positions, understanding how to rush together and how to play against each other. The game plan was great. I really can’t say too many bad things about what we’re doing, what the passing rush. We expect to win every one-on-one.”

(On punt return touchdown)

“It hurts to see something like that. You don’t want to see that. You just want to defend a blade of grass and we couldn’t do that. It did not happen. Looking back is 20/20 and we have to go back and learn from it.

DJ Reed, CB

(About the game of defense)

“We did our best not to let the other team score and just took it game to game, communicating and trusting what we were seeing out there. We were really confident. This is one of the toughest games I’ve played so far as the result went. we will stick together We need to see the movie and get better. Me myself, I need to see the movie and get better. I gave up about four catches. It was narrow windows, but four catches. Short distance but I need to watch the movie and grow from there. It was the game we wanted. We smiled, we were happy. The defense thought it was going to overtime. We were ready to see what would happen from there.”

“We are a team. The word I would use to describe this team is ‘great’. Our fourth quarter points spread is #1 in the league for a reason, we have a lot of guys playing for each other and it’s not about the awards, we just want to play for each other, dominate and play Jets football.”

“I’m still in disbelief. Marcus Jones, I know him from college, he went to Houston. Damn a punt returner and they gave him a shot. He’s a great punt returner and he got his touchdown. Credit them for that I’m in disbelief, it’s a tough loss.”

Bryce Huff, DL

“We did what we do. We stopped the run and earned the right to go to quarterback. We came in and ran. Going out there, giving nothing, making the plays you’re supposed to make and to take advantage of the opportunities. We go out there every day and try really hard. We’ve done the things that we practice every day. We all come out and it’s a product of all of us working together and building together. That was just the result of our work.

“It was a tough defeat, but that doesn’t affect who we are. We need to train again and work hard to beat Chicago this week.”

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