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Triode Rentals expands team with industry grant

LANCASTER, Pa., November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The first grant awarded by the Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG) for its Netflix-sponsored Equitable Workforce Initiative (EWI) went to Triode Media Group Ltd. The initiative focuses on improving equity and diversity in the industry by developing a well-educated workforce from underrepresented communities. Triode Rentals uses the grant to cover salary costs for the first six months of a new hire’s employment. Triode shares its training program with other rental companies participating in the Equitable Workforce Initiative.

The goal of the PERG Equitable Workforce Initiative (EWI) is to identify candidates from underrepresented groups with a strong desire to enter the film distribution industry and to help distributors hire them. Underrepresented groups include (but are not limited to) women, people of colour, LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities. “We recognize the industry’s responsibility to help create better opportunities,” he said Harry boxPERG manager.

The program will reach the entire industry regardless of company size. Peter GrieseNetflix Production Business Development, agrees: “As demonstrated by Triode’s success in the EWI program, we’ve seen that the initiative can work in rental homes of any size without becoming overly onerous. This success is positive evidence other rental properties, including those with even more resources, are well positioned and primed to make an impact through the EMI.”

Triode welcomed the program by reaching out to several community groups that serve underrepresented communities. chairman of the triode, Peter Schudnersaid: “An important lesson for employers is that we should promote employment opportunities by working with groups that serve different communities. It’s a great way to find candidates that we wouldn’t otherwise meet.”

Executive Director of the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA), Erin Grabesaid, “We are thrilled that Netflix has approved the ESTA and provided the funding necessary to launch this exciting program. The PERG working group did an excellent job and working with the Netflix team was smooth.”

We are committed to creating opportunities for equity by building new talent pipelines and providing training that prepares employees for careers in equipment rental and manufacturing. The ultimate goal is to fill management and leadership positions in the motion picture equipment rental industry.

goals of Fair Workforce Initiative (EWI)

  • improve equity and diversity
  • Development of a well-trained workforce
  • Expanding opportunities for underrepresented groups

The EWI training offers a unique educational experience. Apprentices gain hands-on knowledge of a variety of technologies, including cameras, wireless technology, digital imaging, and camera optics. You will gain a solid understanding of lighting and grip equipment and how to safely use, store and test it. PERG members who hire EWI candidates receive grants to cover salary costs for the first six months of employment.

EWI is administered by ESTA and the PERG Council. For more information, see PERG EWI. email to the coordinator, Andreas Rodriguez . The EWI program conforms to the guidelines of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Section CM 607 and follows the relevant labor regulations (Code of Federal Regulation 29 Subtitle B, Chapter 14, Part 1608). Under the program, employers hiring from underrepresented groups do not violate Title VII.

Triode Media Group, Ltd. based in Lancaster, PAis a film distributor and studio that supports film productions in all areas Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic new York to the DC metro area with cameras, lenses, lights, handle and electrical equipment, sound stages, a camera robotic arm and a crew. Triode helps production companies do more business by providing the infrastructure to create high-end videos. Triode rental

ESTA is a non-profit trade association based in North America with members around the world. Its members are the industry’s leading dealers, manufacturers, manufacturers, rental companies and professional services companies

PERG is part of the ESTA trade association. The members of PERG (Production Equipment Rental Group) are professional camera, lighting and grip rental companies serving the film/television/commercial production industry.

Netflix is ​​the world’s leading streaming entertainment service.

Peter Scudnerchairman
Triode Media Group, Ltd.
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