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Pictured: Nancy Rae Stone, Assistant Director, CA Film Commission, Tax Credit Program; Ri-Karlo Handy, Founder, The Handy Foundation; and Kevin McDonald, director of the Career Pathways program

“The Handy Foundation’s involvement in the Career Pathways Program will help ensure California has a diverse and highly skilled workforce for our productions,” said Nancy Rae Stone, California Film Commission Assistant Director for the Tax Credit Program.

Following a competitive RFP process, the California Film Commission has selected The Handy Foundation as the newest training partner for its Pilot Career Pathways Training Program, which helps prepare individuals from underserved communities for careers in the film and television production industry.

The Pilot Career Pathways Training Program is an important part of the state’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program 3.0. It was created in part to attract new and diverse talent for careers in the film and television industries, while also helping to meet the need for a skilled workforce.

“With the advent of ‘Peak TV,’ the need for trained film and television professionals has increased, and the Handy Foundation’s involvement in the Career Pathways Program will help ensure California has a diverse and highly skilled workforce for our productions,” said California Film Nancy Rae Stone, Associate Director of the Tax Credit Program Commission, who oversees the Career Pathways Program with Program Director Kevin McDonald.

The Handy Foundation’s work extends beyond education to job placement, making it unique. The effort is led by Ri-Karlo Handy, a veteran film and television executive and creative professional who founded the non-profit organization The Handy Foundation to address systemic issues impeding access to creative jobs in Hollywood for emerging professionals from underserved communities. After hands-on training with program participants, THF facilitates placement into qualified series and film positions at dozens of production companies, studios and networks. Partners include ITV Studios, IPC, Fremantle, Original Productions, 44 Blue, Critical Content, Warner Horizon, Bunim-Murray, A-Smith & Co. Productions and Tinopolis, among others.

Over the past 20 months, the Handy Foundation has successfully placed 95 assistant editors for television shows such as Snowpiercer, BMF, Acapulco, The Bachelor, America’s Got Talent, American Gangster: Trap Queens, Selena + Chef, and the recently released feature film Valet to name a few. After the program, 90% of the trainees continued to work on union shows and film projects. The Handy Foundation provides ongoing support and mentoring as graduates of the program move on to other opportunities in the industry, Handy says, although their education and subsequent work experience make them most successful in securing their next position themselves.

“One of the key findings of our research on California’s creative industries is that we need to do better at recruiting, training and retaining a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our state,” said Adam Fowler of CVL Economics, a Hollywood-based research firm. “Consumer demand for representation in film and television is driving industry demand for creatives from historically underrepresented groups. If we are to meet this demand, it is critical that we understand and address the systemic barriers to inclusion that exist in career paths and talent pipelines. However, it is rare to find programs that equip aspiring creatives with the skills aligned to the rapidly evolving needs of the industry. In my opinion, the Handy Foundation has always stood out as an outstanding personal development program that thrives on longstanding and meaningful partnerships across Hollywood.”

With this new grant from CFC, THF is expanding into other production-related roles, including specialists in unrealistic engines for virtual productions; data wranglers and digital imaging technicians; and mail coordinators.

“The need for assistant editors with knowledge of professional TV/film workflows remains enormous,” said Handy. “But the addition of these new roles will increase opportunities for more people to gain the experience and credits needed for a long career in Hollywood.”

Using social media and community outreach partners, the organization recruits applicants to fill out an online application available on the Handy Foundation’s website. Community partners include Urban League of Los Angeles, NAACP, Television Academy, Para Los Niños, Hire LA, Better Youth, LACC, Mount Sac College, Cal State Northridge, KDOL TV in the Oakland Public School District, Youth Media Oakland CA , Streetlights and Manifest Works Alumni. The program serves as the next step for members of these organizations as THF helps trainees progress from internships and entry-level jobs in the film industry to long-term careers.

To learn more about The Handy Foundation, call 818-235-3456 or visit online at http://www.handyfoundation.com.

About CFCs

The California Film Commission (CFC) is one of several economic development divisions within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development that work to attract, maintain, and expand business opportunities in California. The CFC supports a production-friendly environment to sustain and grow production jobs and economic activities nationwide, thereby strengthening California’s position as a premier location for all forms of media content creation nationally and globally.

About the Handy Foundation

Founded by Sunwise Media CEO Ri-Karlo Handy, the Handy Foundation’s mission is to provide members with access to professional career advice through digital workshops, live panel discussions and virtual mentorship. Through partnerships with organizations such as The Urban League, NAACP, unions, networks and studios, The Handy Foundation works to advance programs focused on training and career advancement for a skilled workforce. In addition, the Handy Foundation continues to expand its efforts to promote mentoring, with the goal of bridging program participants between educational and training organizations and companies that can hire them. For more information on programs and organization, visit: http://www.handyfoundation.org/

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