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Creative studio and production company Even/Odd has signed New York-based Andy Madeleine, LA/SF-based David Camarena and LA/SF-based Syra McCarthy to expand their commercial production and creative team. This growth for the minority and immigrant-owned business follows the rapid rise of its executive staff after Justin Lomax, Square’s former global head of creative, joined the team as its first managing director earlier this year, and marks the continued investment of the company company in its artists and DEI initiatives. Each director reflects Even/Odd’s approach of nurturing multidisciplinary artists rooted in filmmaking, with diverse careers spanning work in commercials, music videos, photography and documentaries.

Justin Lomax, Managing Director of Even/Odd, notes, “All three directors bring unique styles and perspectives to our roster. They’re constantly pushing themselves and their art into new, unexpected places, making them a natural addition to the Even/Odd team. We are excited to be a creative partner to drive the next step in her filmmaking career.”

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Andy Madeleine

Andy’s projects push the boundaries, renewing forgotten industries with exceptional attention to detail from his passion for photography. Based between NYC and Los Angeles, he demonstrates his dedication to music, fashion, human rights and environmental issues through his work.

Andy’s entry into filmmaking began with an attempt to challenge the banality of growing up in the Detroit suburbs. Coming from a mainly self-taught DIY background, his deep fascination with cameras and film as a medium can be felt in his lens-based approach to filmmaking. His portfolio includes work from a variety of clients including Adidas, Stella McCartney, Nike, Fendi, Tumi, Square, Tommy Hilfiger and Vogue Magazine among others. As a photographer, he shoots fashion campaigns and editorials that influence his work as a director.

David Camarena

David’s unique style stems from years of documentation, candid moments and an insight into the Latinidad landscape of California and Mexico. His work captures random moments in their purest form; The spontaneity of street photography inspires his uninhibited style. He often photographs subjects such as family, friends, and those who roam into his neighborhood.

David is a Mexican-American director and photographer inspired by his community. His experience working with live action, still photography, animation and music videos has resulted in a truly distinctive style as a filmmaker. He has directed commercial work for Nike, Foot Locker, Hat Club, Kids of Immigrants and Adidas. David’s projects have been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone, Vogue, Hypebeast and Pitchfork. His latest personal work is a documentary about Sirkane Darkroom, a unique mobile photography workshop for disadvantaged children in south-eastern Turkey.

Syra McCarthy

Syra McCarthy is a first-generation half-Filipino, half-New Zealand American filmmaker and actress. McCarthy moves with grace between different film styles – from cinematic surrealism to intelligent, whimsical comedy – and approaches filmmaking with a stylistic flair that subverts expectations.

As a director for brands such as Angi, Olly, Scotch-Brite, Ford’s Gin, Square and Google, her work was recently featured in the New York Times. Her career as an actress, editor and stills photographer gives her a distinct directorial approach from the nuance of the performance to the composition.

In pursuit of gender equity in the media industry, Syra recently created the website Soft Hold Collective, a film directory highlighting female and non-binary Bay Area talent that is slated to launch soon.

These additions to the roster follow a new branding direction for Even/Odd that marks the company’s transition from a production company to a creative studio, along with a visual refresh and a new website showcasing its dynamic culture steeped in independent films : https://evenodd.studio/.

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