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The menu Actress Anya Taylor-Joy has been candid about her love of film sets.

In director Mark Mylod’s new dark comedy (which also stars Nicholas Hoult and Ralph Fiennes), Taylor-Joy plays one half of a young couple who pull up a chair at an exclusive restaurant, where the celebrated chef throws all sorts of crazy surprises ready.

To celebrate its upcoming release, Digital Spy has exclusively met with its stars to discuss why they do what they do.

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“It’s the crew, they’re my favorite people on the planet because they’re so good at what they do,” Taylor-Joy said.

“And they don’t get shoutouts a lot, they’re not really in it for any kind of award and that kind of passion and commitment. I just find it inspiring and I love learning from them.”

That furiosa Lead further revealed: “I also think it’s something I call the magical shot where for some bizarre reason everything works perfectly and you have that magical moment in time that’s now captured forever.

“Every time I wake up at three in the morning and I kind of doubt it, that magical attitude — it’s just like, ‘No, I’m exactly where I want to be.'”

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The star also addressed the beauty of rain machines, while her co-star Hoult said watching a “good movie” makes him thirst for creativity.

“I get completely blown away by it and then inspired by it because I’m like, ‘I’m going to go and do something like this and be able to create something,'” he said X-Men the actor told us.

Keep it up guys.

The menu hits theaters this Friday (November 18).

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