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Jeffrey Donovan and Penelope Mitchell RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned

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The only new title on any of Netflix’s top 10 TV shows and movies lists for Wednesday, November 16 is RIPD 2: Rise of the Damnedan unexpected sequel to the 2013 blockbuster RIPD The genre-bending supernatural western comedy was barely announced before it hit Netflix yesterday, and it’s now at #3 on the Netflix movie list. It stars Jeffrey Donovan, who is always charming in appearance, and is quite fun to watch. The crown is number 1 in the TV charts.

But as we all know, popular doesn’t necessarily mean good. Below we list the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix and give a brief assessment of whether they are really worth watching or not. We also added what’s new on Netflix today so you can find out what’s on tomorrow’s top 10 list.

New Netflix shows and movies today

  • In their hands: This intense documentary follows Zarifa Ghafari, the young mayor of an Afghan town as she tries to endure the Taliban’s return to power.
  • The Lost Lotteries: Thai comedy about people who team up to steal their winning lottery tickets back from a crime boss.
  • Watch your manners: Etiquette teacher Sara Jane Ho shows her students how to behave properly in this reality series.
  • Out of the train: Swedish comedy about people participating in the Vasaloppet, a famous cross-country ski race.
  • Racionais MC’s: From the streets of São Paulo: Documentary about Racionais MCs, one of the most influential hip hop groups in Brazil.
  • The wonder: Florence Pugh stars in this historical crime thriller about a British nurse who investigates a supposed miracle in a remote Irish village in 1862.

Today’s top 10 Netflix TV shows

Lesley Manville, The Crown

Lesley Manville, The crown


1. The crown

For fans of: The royals, revenge dresses
It is good?: It is The crownso of course it’s good, but this season can’t quite match last season
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

2. Ancient Apocalypse

For fans of: Ancient aliens
It is good?: Not really, but whatever
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

3. love is blind

For fans of: Human drama, total emotional chaos
It is good?: Yes, but with Season 3 coming just a few months after Season 2, we’re feeling some diminishing returns
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 3

4. manifest

For fans of: Fateful flights, twists and turns, Lost
It is good?: It will keep you busy
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 4

5. Completely new

For fans of: Cry and fall in love and cry some more
It is good?: It will sweep you away
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 6

6. warrior nun

For fans of: Supernatural teenagers, stuff popular in Brazil
It is good?: It’s pretty good for something like that
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

7. The Observer

For fans of: Lifetime Movies With Better Casts, Exciting Shlock, Real Estate, AHS: Murder House
It is good?: It’s a mostly blank, addictive page turner with a great cast
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

8th. Little angel

For fans of: coconut melonbe a baby
It is good?: It’s gaga for Googoo
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 8

9. insider

For fans of: That silence of the Lambs Relationship, British Psychological Thriller
It is good?: It’s a decent four-episode burner with great performances
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 9

10 Down to earth with Zac Efron

For fans of: Watching Zac Efron vacation in Australia and save the world, koalas
It is good?: It has good news
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 10

More on Netflix:

Today’s top 10 Netflix movies

Where the crayfish sing

Daisy Edgar Jones, Where the crayfish sing

CTMG/Sony Pictures release

1. Where the crayfish sing

For fans of: Right Thriller, the South
It is good?: Daisy Edgar-Jones is better than the film around her
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

2. In love with Christmas

For fans of: Lindsay Lohan, Hallmark Christmas Movies
It is good?: It is exactly what you think
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

3. RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned

For fans of: Supernatural Westerns, direct-to-DVD sequels
It is good?: It’s stupid, but it’s quite fun
Trailer | Rank from yesterday: n/a

4. The Bad Boys

For fans of: Cool looking animation, this song by Billie Eilish
It is good?: Kids love it because it’s a lot of fun
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 4

5. Capture of the killer sister

For fans of: the good nurse, Connections to true crimes
It is good?: It’s actually not as informative as The good nurse
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 3

6. Enola Holmes 2

For fans of: teen detectives, Enola Holmes
It is good?: It is a delightful sequel
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

7. Lost Ball 2

For fans of: Action Sequels
It is good?: Dude, where’s my bullet?
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 6

8th. minions & more 2

For fans of: Minions, minions and more minions
It is good?: More minions more problems
no trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

9. Captain Phillips

For fans of: Tom Hanks, who is now captain
It is good?: It’s a good thriller with a great ending
Trailer | Rank yesterday: 9

10 Hotel Transylvania 2

For fans of: Animated Adam Sandler, Halloween
It is good?: There are worse ways to kill 90 minutes
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 8

Based on Netflix’s top 10 TV shows, movies and new releases lists for Wednesday 16th November

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The best TV shows on Netflix right now

Julia Garner, Ozark

Julia Garner, ozark

Tina Rowden/Netflix

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