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During the sale on 11.11. the Daraz offers users a fantastic opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on cameras and accessories. Every year, people eagerly await the Daraz 11.11 deals to upgrade their accessories. The Daraz 11.11 2022 sale is one of the most significant and anticipated sales of the year. However, with so many alternatives available, it can be difficult to choose the best cameras and accessories for you. Therefore, to assist you in choosing the best cameras and accessories during the 11.11 sale, we have compiled a list of the 4 premium related products available on Daraz.

Deals on Daraz 11.11 cameras and accessories

Here is the brief description of 4 high quality products that you can get at Daraz 11.11 Sale at a very cheap price.

1- DJI Mini 2 Drone

The DJI Mini 2 is a small, foldable drone that weighs less than 250g and is packed with several of DJI’s cutting-edge technology features despite its compact size and lightweight design. It is the successor to the Mavic Mini and some of its features include a 4K camera, triple GPS module, 5 Quickshots for creating hands-free movie recordings and 31 minutes of flight time. In addition, it is able to display live HD video in 720p quality and is equipped with DJI’s OcuSync 2.0 technology, which offers a larger control area. A fantastic entry-level drone that is also useful for photographers and adventurers.

The price of the DJI Mini 2 Fly Drone on Daraz is PKR 160,000. However, DJI Mini 2 Fly Drone is covered under Daraz 11.11 Sale and you can get that for only PKR 134,999. If you are an HBL credit or debit card user, you can take advantage of an additional PKR 11,000 discount and get the DJI Mini 2 Fly Drone for PKR 123,999.

2- GoPro Hero 10 Black Edition

The HERO10 Black is one of the most versatile cameras available today, offering both maximum speed and maximum ease of use. Equipped with a new GP2 processor, the HERO10 Black can shoot 5.3K video with better frame rates, 23MP photos, improved low-light performance, and breakthrough Hyper Smooth 4.0 video stabilization in all shooting modes. In addition, the HERO10 is connected to the cloud, which means your movie will be automatically uploaded to the cloud as soon as you charge it.

Cameras & Accessories

The GoPro Hero 10 can be purchased from Daraz at a price of PKR 121,000. On the other hand, the GoPro Hero 10 Black is included in the Daraz 11.11 sale and you can grab one for the low price of PKR 103,999. As an HBL credit or debit card user, you are eligible for an additional rebate of PKR 11,000, bringing the total to PKR 94,999 for the GoPro Hero 10 Black Edition.

3- 7ft tripod stand and photography kit

26cm selfie ring light has mechanical buttons. You can easily adjust the 3 color modes (cool white, warm yellow and daylight) and brightness levels. Photographers, YouTubers, Vloggers, TikTokers, etc. The 7ft tripod can be combined with a selfie ring light, a selfie stick, a phone tripod and a camera tripod. Universal Metal Phone Holder is also included and it is strong enough due to its metal construction. It can bend at any angle and hold your phone steadily, and its grip is so firm that your phone cannot fall. The 26cm ring light is USB powered, so it will work with virtually any USB charger, power bank, laptop, etc. Don’t worry about your LED ring light running out of battery power.

Cameras & Accessories

Daraz sells a 7ft tripod and photo gear for PKR 35,000. The Daraz 11.11 sale includes the 7ft tripod and photo kit for PKR 1,068.

4- SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card

Sandisk is a well-known SD card manufacturer that has made a name for itself by producing premium SD cards at affordable prices. The SanDisk Extreme PRO SD card is a flagship product that can be used by both consumers and professionals. The SanDisk Extreme PRO card improves the performance of previous Extreme PRO cards up to 200MB/s, which was previously 170MB/s.

The SD card is available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB. These capacities should be enough to store photo or video collections of any size. Moreover, due to its storage capacity, you can store OS, games and other important media on SD card. This SD card is compatible with single board computers that may need large capacity.

Cameras & Accessories

The SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card is listed at Daraz for only PKR 3,999, however, you can take advantage of a 9% discount during the Daraz 11.11 sale and purchase the SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card for only PKR 3,650.

Last but not least, we will tell you about coupons that you can get on Daraz homepage.

Vouchers for cameras and accessories

These interesting coupons are also available on Daraz and will further reduce the price of any goods you wish to purchase. You can save money by taking advantage of both the Daraz 11.11 sale and these coupons when shopping for cameras and accessories, no matter how much it costs.

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