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Gettysburg College’s Majestic Theater has announced guest speakers and breakout sessions planned for the first-ever film festival dedicated solely to the work of award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, February 10-12, 2023 at the historic theater in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania .

Ken Burns
Ken Burns. Photo by Evan Barlow.

Experts in music, cinematography, filmmaking, criminal justice reform and public policy will join Ken Burns to speak to the public and students at Gettysburg College in consistent conversations about the question Burns has explored in all of his films about American history : Who are we?

Jacqueline Schwab
Jacqueline Schwab.

Special guests currently set to attend include longtime Burns collaborators Geoffrey Ward, writer; Sarah Botstein, producer; and Allen Moore, cinematographer, as well as musicians Jay Ungar, Molly Mason and Jacqueline Schwab and exonerated Central Park Five member Kevin Richardson. Tracie Potts and Susan Eisenhower of Gettysburg College’s Eisenhower Institute (EI) will also offer their perspective during the festival.

“Gettysburg is both a place of remembrance and imagination,” Burns said in April. “It is, of course, a burial ground for those who fought there – North and South – but it is also the place where President Lincoln envisioned a new country, one in which the values ​​we shared with the founding of our country connect, took on a new meaning. I am honored and so grateful for this opportunity to share our films at this festival and to speak to many of my colleagues about our art form – and the history of our country.”

jay and molly
Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. Photo by Steward Dean.

Acclaimed musicians Jay Ungar, Molly Mason and Jacqueline Schwab will present a breakout session on their collaboration with Burns on Saturday, February 11 at 11:45 am. Most notably, Ungar’s composition Ashokan Farewell and Schwab’s lyrical and evocative piano playing were hallmarks of the Grammy-winning 1990 soundtrack album of Burns’ groundbreaking series Civil war.

Geoffrey Ward
Geoffrey Ward.

Kevin Richardson, an activist and one of the exonerated Central Park Five, will offer a talk following the film Central Park Five As of 7 p.m. Saturday, February 11, Richardson was one of five teenagers convicted of the brutal 1989 assault of a jogger in Central Park following false confessions and improper use of forensic science. He and his co-defendants were exonerated and their convictions vacated in 2002 after DNA testing linked the assault to another man who confessed.

    Allen Moore
Allen Moore

On Sunday, February 12 at 11:00 am Allen Moore will lead a breakout session on the craft of cinematography and how it has been used to illustrate America’s history. Imagery and techniques used in Burns’ films have become an iconic part of American culture, deepening audiences’ attachment to the material. Moore has worked as a cinematographer on several of Burns’ films, including Civil war, The Rooseveltsand baseball.

Tracie Potts
Tracie Potts
Suzanne Eisenhower

Also on Sunday, Tracie Potts and Susan Eisenhower of Gettysburg College’s Eisenhower Institute will participate in a post-film discussion of Episode 4 of The war, “Pride of our nation”. Covering D-Day and General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s leadership of the American armed forces, the episode airs at 1 p.m

Potts is the executive director of the Eisenhower Institute and a former Washington correspondent for NBC News. Susan Eisenhower is Chair Emeritus and Fellow at the Eisenhower Institute. She is a public policy, national security, energy security and strategic leadership expert and the granddaughter of President Eisenhower. The Eisenhower Institute promotes the study of critical global issues and the development of engaged citizens through its programs in Gettysburg and Washington, DC

Gettysburg College’s Majestic Theatre.

Who are we?: A festival celebrating the films of Ken Burns was inspired by a conversation between Gettysburg native and festival director Jake Boritt and colleague Burns in the summer of 2020. Festival sponsors include Ken ’66 and Elizabeth Lundeen, David ’68 and Pauline LeVan, Monica E. Oss and J. Jay Mackie, Dave ’85 and Cynthia Salisbury ’84, The Union Hotel, The Vesta Fund and media sponsor WITF.

All events consisting of Who are we?: A festival celebrating the films of Ken Burns Reservations are required, and many are free to attend, including breakout sessions with historians and filmmakers, screenings of various documentary episodes from Burns’ 40-year catalog, and a marathon presentation every 11.5 hours Civil war. Limited tickets to two themed highlight reel presentations curated and featured by Burns on Saturday are available for $29 per person per event, as well as many free events.

Tickets are required for all festival events. Limited tickets are available online; Most tickets must be reserved by calling the box office at (717) 337-8200 or by visiting the Majestic Theater in person

By JessRudy
Photos by Steward Dean and Evan Barlow.
Posted: 11/15/22

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