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It may feel early for you, but the Black Friday sales have already started. With the consumer holiday still a few weeks away, major retailers are already offering big discounts on big items like TVs, mattresses, and even action cameras.

If you’re in the market for an action camera this sales season, it’s a good idea to consider an option from the ever-popular GoPro range. The newest entry in the GoPro franchise, the GoPro HERO11 Black, loved by vloggers, gearheads and action sports enthusiasts for its compact size, is available now on Amazon ahead of Black Friday 2022. You can now get a discount of up to $200 by purchasing a GoPro subscription service from the brand’s official webstore.

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The best GoPro early Black Friday deals

GoPro HERO11 Black + Accessory Pack

GoPro HERO11 Black + Accessory Pack

GoPro HERO11 Black + Accessory Pack

Now 36% discount

For the best GoPro deal, visit the brand’s official website. Right now, you can get $250 off a GoPro HERO11 with a bundle of official accessories. This set includes the latest GoPro HERO11 Black, along with an enduro spare battery, floating handgrip, head strap and quick clip, and a 32GB SD card. Normally this package costs $649.94, but at the moment GoPro has lowered the price of the package to $399.98 with the purchase of a 1-year GoPro subscription.

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GoPro HERO11 Black

per HERO11 Black

HERO11 Black

per HERO11 Black

Now 36% discount

If you already have a lot of GoPro accessories and gadgets, you should get the basic version of the GoPro HERO11 Black for $200 from the brand’s webstore. The latest camera is $550 on the GoPro retail site, but you can get one for $350 by purchasing a 1-year GoPro subscription.

Not interested in a GoPro subscription? You can now get 10 percent off Amazon and push that price down to $450. You can also snag one at Best Buy for $50 off.

GoPro HERO10 Black

GoPro HERO10 black action camera

HERO10 Black action camera

GoPro HERO10 black action camera

Now 11% discount

Although GoPro’s official web store offers the HERO10 Black at a $100 discount with the purchase of a 1-year GoPro subscription, this membership will set you back an additional $50. Save on those subscription costs and instead buy an older generation GoPro from Walmart or Best Buy. Walmart is currently offering the HERO10 Black at a $50 discount, while Best Buy is offering the HERO10 and HERO9 at the same time. You can purchase these legacy products for $400 for a limited time. You can also find discounts on older models of GoPro, like the HERO9 and HERO8, in advance at Target.

Is Black Friday a Good Time to Buy a GoPro?

If you’re looking to snag the latest GoPro cameras from the HERO11 Black series, November is the best time to take advantage of the sales season. For now, the newest entry in the GoPro lineup is the HERO11 Black, and you can pick it up on Amazon for 10 percent off or from GoPro website at over $200 off when you purchase a 1-year GoPro subscription. The HERO 11 Black Mini is available at a $150 discount, while the special HERO11 Black Creator Edition, a bundle deal for content creators, offers a $250 discount, with both offerings requiring a 1-year GoPro subscription. This is one of the brand’s earliest deals, with more discounts arriving closer to Black Friday itself.

If you’re looking for an older GoPro model like the HERO10 or HERO9, your best bet is to look at third-party vendors best buy and target. As earlier GoPro models die out, these retailers are more likely to offer discounts to empty stock.

What does a GoPro subscription bring you?

To take advantage of the deals that GoPro is currently offering on its webstore, you need to purchase a 1-year GoPro subscription. This subscription service has an annual membership fee of $49.99 and gives you access to unlimited cloud backup, automatic uploads straight from your GoPro camera, unlimited use of the brand’s Quik app, up to 50% off GoPro’s webstore ( including future Black Friday discounts), and an unconditional camera replacement guarantee in case of damaged units.

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