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Seattle: The world’s dominant US prison system is an outsize industry worthy of mustard-gilded Big Mac bows, incarcerating about 2 million people. An opaquely estimated 5% are unjustly imprisoned. According to the National Registry of Exonerations in 2020, more than a third of these can be traced to police misconduct.

Police-carried body cameras need to be institutionalized at the federal level, but Washington’s 2021 legislative year ended without a single introductory bill for body camera funding. At an average cost of $1,000 per device, a body-worn camera for every sworn officer in the country would be significantly cheaper than the Department of Defense’s 3D-printed commode tops in 2018 at $10,000 each.

However, it’s not just the price of the device. It’s the underestimated cost of data storage, associated hardware and equipment, and the additional staff required to review footage.

But police body cameras offer myriad benefits that outweigh the costs, most notably confidence- and credibility-building audio and video transparency of interactions between law enforcement and the public. They are valuable evidence for internal and external investigations. Transparent objectivity replaces unreliably biased or mendacious witness testimony and/or police narratives. The mere visible presence of the device serves as a guard against bad behavior. The police are more likely to behave ethically, professionally and by the book. Public moods are also proving to be more reserved.

Federally mandated body cameras for police would be a productive first step in restoring confidence in justice. Scott R Hammond

Brooklyn: Fun Fact: If you play the violin in an orchestra and miss 1% of the notes, you will be fired within an hour. But if you’re an American cop and you miss 80% of your targets with most of your bullets going astray (into people’s houses, cars and bodies), you’ll be promoted and rewarded no matter what. Personally, I think stray bullets are more serious than a musician’s bum notes, but I’m clearly alone in that. Are there any EU countries openly accepting Americans? Mildred Manham

Ridgewood: As a mother of a young child, I am particularly concerned about the greenhouse gas climate catastrophe that we are currently creating for our young people. I applaud Mayor Adams for campaigning to eliminate polluting fossil fuels from our schools and for all the reasons Kizzy Charles-Guzman lays out (“Why We Need to Electrify Schools in NYC,” Commentary, Nov. 8). .). The city’s $4 billion investment in electrifying schools, making schools more efficient and requiring new schools to be electrified will translate into improvements in air quality, climate protection and health. Environmental justice is served by prioritizing schools in the most polluted neighborhoods. Local Law 97 also requires large commercial and residential buildings to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings in New York City are responsible for 70% of our climate pollution. The city council must act to close the loophole that currently allows the wealthiest building owners to further pollute the environment by buying renewable energy certificates. They too must invest in a green future. Chandra Boccia

Bronx: To Voicer Robert Lobenstein: Your letter to The News reveals a profound ignorance that can be easily remedied by looking up communism and socialism in a dictionary. Since you’re quoting Trump, who doesn’t read, I assume you don’t either. Let me teach you: Communism is a system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian, party holds power. Socialism is also an economic system in which the government controls production and finance. In the United States, too, no one proposes. Randall Borra

Staten Island: I was wondering why no media mentions that Governor Hochul only won 13 of New York’s 62 counties. If the election results had been decided differently, there was no way she would have won. The Democratic bastions and NYC put them in position. If anyone wanted to look at the map, they would clearly see why the upstate wants to break away from the city, along with Staten Island wanting to secede. A.James Tortora

Brick, NJ: Donald Trump is the undisputed leader of today’s Republican Party – its leader. All Republican congressmen know this, and so should the many millions of citizens who unfailingly cast their ballots for him and his congressional and gubernatorial vice presidents. They are doing this for an initially constitutional president, but then, after consolidating all governance, as supreme and eternal ruler of America! I can already hear: “Don’t be ridiculous, Nick!” But Trump has already attempted a coup, hasn’t he? Among many dozens of questions that need to be addressed and answered, please allow this one: At what point will his followers, mostly Christians, recognize his immoral behavior, his constant lies, and his treacherous activities as President and accept their Lord and Leave master for good? Since these zealous cultists seem to be shameless, my answer is never! Nicholas Molinari

Suffern, NY: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should not accept rides on the Trump Force One jet. He could end up on Martha’s Vineyard. Rick Sinclair

Guttenberg, NJ: Donald Trump got the red wave on Tuesday, unless it was the Republican Party’s goodbye wave. They know they can no longer support the defeated MAGA self-promoter. He is quoted as saying he should be given all credit for Republican victories but not blame for their losses. Typical Trump logic. Well, Donald, you can’t do that. You are outside. Ken Ludmer

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Dayton, Ohio: Regarding “The Biggest Loser of the Midterms: Donald Trump” (op-ed Nov. 10): The SE Cup correctly states that Trump was the biggest loser of this election. The biggest winner was America. Vic Presutti

Garwood, NJ: Isn’t Karma a Wonderful Thing? Didn’t Herschel Walker once play for the World Football League Generals, whose owner Donald Trump bankrupted? Now poor Herschel is playing ball for the GOP, whose leader Trump is doing his best to put them out of business. I just sit back and enjoy the view. Johann Deichmeister

Brooklyn: The twice-impeachable one-term president hasn’t even officially declared his intention to run again, but he’s started naming. America, show this man the door. We cannot cope with this upheaval. It’s not good for our mental health. June Lowe

Valhalla, NY: Mr. Trump, I’m a Republican who enjoyed the great life we ​​had during your four years in office. But now it’s time to ride into the sunset with all the dignity you can bring. Since you left, things have fallen apart: inflation, food and gas costs, and trying to make ends meet. It’s gotten really bad for so many people! But your extremely heavy baggage and your overly far-right beliefs must go! Let’s put some younger and hopefully more people in charge to run the country properly. Michael Grisanti

Bronx: The orange fool staggers on the ropes. Time for the knockout punch. Show his fat ass. John Circolia

Bronx: The Learning Tree Cultural Preparatory School celebrates the 110th birthday of our founding father, Gordon Parks, this year. We look forward to the upcoming programs and celebrations that have been planned. Most of the lessons are practical and carefully curated by educators and photographers. One lesson involves inviting Brooklyn-based photographer Christopher Cook to our school to teach children how to make a pinhole camera and another lesson involves allowing children to experiment with Polaroid cameras and learn the art of photography. Lystria Hurley

Ashburn, Virginia: Actor Alec Baldwin, producer of the film ‘Rust’ in which he shot and killed a crew member on the New Mexico set, has filed a lawsuit against other crew members – his employees – for their negligence in leading up to and causing the killing. He’s right to be outraged here, but does he realize that as the film’s producer, he’ll likely be held liable for the negligence of his employees, particularly if he was responsible for the sloppy on-set security? Mike Beret

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