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WORBURN, MA—meet Deepa Jacob and Jaison Jose. She has a distinct photographic style that is vibrant, emotionally engaging, and artistically adept. Jaison Jose is a cinematographer/producer. And this year, they’re the Official Photographers of the 2022 New England Choice Awards.

This year’s NECA award recipients are: Madhu Sudan, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University; Indira Viswanathan Peterson, a leading scholar of Sanskrit, Tamil literature and South Indian cultural history and performing arts; Aman Narang, President and Co-Founder of Toast Inc., which supports restaurants of all sizes and has a market capitalization of $11 billion; Seshi Sompuram, President of Shishu Bharati, which teaches Indian languages ​​and culture to around 900 students each year; dr Nagagopal Venna, MD, chief of the Department of Neuroimmunology and Neuroinfectious Diseases, Massachusetts General Hospital; Shriya Srinivasan, postdoctoral researcher at MIT, incoming assistant professor at Harvard University, Forbes 30 Under 30 and biomedical engineer; and India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB), one of the oldest nonprofit community organizations in the United States.

Jaison Jose

These luminaries and shining stars will be honored at a gala at the Hilton Woburn hotel in Woburn. The annual gala, presented by INE MultiMedia in association with INDIA New England News, will also honor Visterra’s biopharmaceutical leader, entrepreneur, medical scientist and CEO, Dr. Honoring Brian Pereira with the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ms. Jacob will be documenting these winners and the gala through her photography and Cocoon Media.

Deepa Jacob (Photo: Facebook)

Cocoon Media is a media and production company founded in 2019 by photographer/director/producer Ms. Jacob and cinematographer/producer Jaison Jose. Cocoon Media specializes in the creation and production of short films, music videos, commercials and lifestyle videos. The company has a number of creative people working behind the scenes, and they all have one thing in common: they have an incredible passion for photography and filmmaking.

Cocoon Media offers holistic options for clients, helping them create new media content to leverage online reach. Whether it’s the visualization of an artistic concept or the documentation of a significant event, Cocoon Media works with clients at all stages of production. From conception to story writing to storyboarding, they work with clients to create a message that works for their brand. to capture the images that tell the personal story. In addition, the company provides creative direction, scriptwriting, film production, voice-overs and custom music and has worked with numerous clients in the Boston area.

Ms. Jacob is a photographer living in Nashua, New Hampshire with her husband, Arun Alex, and their two children, Miriam and Matthew. Although she focuses on lifestyle and fashion photography, she finds great joy in personal artistic projects. Born and raised in Kerala, India, most of her images celebrate her ethnicity. Her visual pieces have been featured in various magazine covers, editorials and campaigns including Times of India and Vogue India. Ms. Jacob was honored as one of the nominees for the 2018 India New England News Woman of the Year Award.

Mr. Jose is co-founder and creative partner of Cocoon Media. His passion for visual media was seeded in him by his father, a national award-winning documentary filmmaker and social activist. In his early years, Jose learned 35mm film photography and experimented with his father’s SLR cameras. Later in his life he picked up where he left off and updated it with digital photography. He started with landscape/street photography and founded Jaisfotos. Creating compelling and engaging imagery is his passion and Jaison has worked with various artists, professional singers, dancers, Bollywood cinematographers and music directors. Jose lives in Shrewsbury, MA with his wife Kalpana Choudhary and twins Ashvin and Aditya.

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