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In partnership with Rob Kaczmark and MZed, Zacuto would like to thank everyone who supported their recently launched Smart crowdfunding campaign by Z-Finder by giving away a free online smartphone filmmaking course (a $99 value) with every purchase.

Creating stunning content while relying only on the smartphone cameras we all carry in our pockets is a craft in itself. In fact, not only does it require special tools, but also a good dose of film knowledge.

While accessory maker Zacuto understands the importance of gear, they also take your training seriously. That’s why they decided to give away a free smartphone online filmmaking course to anyone who decides to use their recently launched Smart Z-Finder (we’ve covered it before), a mobile version of their popular viewfinder. Let’s take a look!

Zacuto Smart Z Finder. Source: Zacuto

Smartphone filmmaking course: soon on MZed

MZed, CineD’s own online education platform, already hosts more than 300 hours of film education classes, and we’re constantly expanding our offer by regularly adding new courses (in fact, a new course on how to create a pitch deck was launched yesterday – details here). Among several new ones in production is Rob Kaczmark’s Smartphone Filmmaking Course.

Rob is the CEO of Chicago-based Spirit Juice Studios and the inventor of the 1 Minute Film School. In his upcoming MZed course, he shares all his knowledge, tricks, and tips to help you get started creating fun content on a budget using just your phone. Hear directly from Rob by watching the video below.

How to get free access to smartphone filmmaking course on MZed

Well it’s pretty easy! No golden ticket or lucky winner. In fact, anyone who has already supported Zacuto’s crowdfunding campaign or will do so in the future will be granted lifetime access to Rob’s upcoming lessons. Together with your Smart Z-Finder you will receive a voucher with a discount code to redeem the course on MZed.

This free course is worth about $99 in cash, but the only amount you have to pay is the price of the Zacuto Smart Z-Finder, which ranges from $299 for the base kit to $465 for the more comprehensive Cinematographer’s Bundle is sufficient. Remember, you have until November 18th to support the company’s Kickstarter campaign. (The course will also be available to MZed Pro Filmmaking Education membership subscribers upon its release.)

For more information, please visit Zacuto’s Kickstarter campaign here.

Content from Rob’s smartphone filmmaking course

Here is an overview of the content of the course to get you excited:

1 Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the course

1.2 Creating an Online Reel – Overview

2. iPhone Camera Basics

2.1. Getting started with the iPhone camera app
Video, photo, portrait modes, RAW option, how to focus and adjust exposure

2.2. Introduction to iPhone lenses
how to zoom, difference between optical and digital zoom, discussion of focal lengths in each iPhone lens, shooting situations when using each is ideal

2.3. Choosing a frame rate and format
4K vs HD, 24fps vs 30fps vs 60fps

2.4. Camera preferences and settings

Setting default formats, enabling HDR video, configuring buttons for the camera app

2.5. Expand your iPhone camera rig with accessories
What kind of shoot do you do? Tips on building your rig for the most successful result

3. Filming with the iPhone

3.1. Controlling the exposure with the iPhone camera
Overview of indoor and outdoor exposure tips, adjustments in the iPhone camera app

3.2. composition and framing
How to frame your subject

3.3. sequencing
Registration of basic services

3.4. lighting
Using natural light, ring lights and other very simple techniques and tools

4. Editing

4.1. Download and overview of Adobe Rush videos
Install Adobe Spark, open app, feature overview

4.2. Import video into Adobe Rush

4.3. Trim video clips in Adobe Rush

4.4. Export video to Adobe Rush

4.5. Add text to video

4.6. Add music to videos

4.7. Preview the video

4.8. Share your video on social media

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Image source: MZed

Full Disclosure: MZed is owned by CineD

Do you often create content using just your smartphone? Do you have a special tip for mobile filmmaking? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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