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* The documentary short And Then They Burn The Sea, also shortlisted for the IDA Award, will be screened as part of The Short Contenders at USC in the presence of filmmaker Majid Al-Remaihi

Produced by the Doha Film Institute, the documentary short And Then They Burn The Sea, Directed by Majid Al-Remaihi, is Qatar’s first Academy Award-eligible film.

Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, Chief Executive Officer of the Doha Film Institute, said: “It makes us very proud to see young filmmakers from across the region becoming the creative leaders of a new wave of filmmaking, crafting compelling stories with global resonance. This is an incredible achievement for a promising young Qatari and Arab filmmaker and marks a milestone in the development of the country’s film industry. Considered for an Academy Award™, Majid’s film will inspire more young talent to pursue cinematic ambitions and make an impact on the global film community through authentic stories that reflect our country’s culture and traditions.

“We thank Master Rithy Panh for his invaluable contribution; not just for Majid, but for the many aspiring filmmakers he has empowered to push creative boundaries. Her creative prowess and dedication to the arts are indicative of the state of Arabic cinema today. This recognition underscores our mission at the Doha Film Institute to support powerful storytelling and amplify important new voices in cinema by providing a platform for exciting creative talent from around the world to pursue their cinematic ambitions while promoting cultural diversity. “

The film, a poetic, visual essay about love and loss as the filmmaker witnessed through his mother’s gradual, permanent amnesia, Qatar’s first film was also at the 2021 Locarno Film Festival, winning Best Short at Vienna Shorts and the Silver Tanit Award at the Carthage Film Festival. The film was also nominated for the IDA Documentary Awards (nominations will be announced on November 11, 2022).

Majid Al-Remaihi said: “Seven years ago, I began to feel an endless sea driving a wedge between me and my mother as her battle with Alzheimer’s disease continued to destroy her sense of existence. At nineteen, there was no concrete way for me to come to terms with this continuous and incremental loss of what had robbed it and continues to rob it of a future and past that are suddenly irretrievable – but cinema and this film helped me stitch together abstractions and unfinished conversations as a result of my need for gestures to grieve and heal. I am very honored that this love letter to my mother receives this recognition as it marks a pivotal part of my life and recognizes the countless contributions of mentors and staff that have made this possible.”

Filmmaker Majid Al-Remaihi will attend the screening of his film as part of The Short Contenders program at USC on November 14, 2022 in Los Angeles. Al-Remaihi, who finished his senior year film studies at Middlebury College to take care of his mother, was mentored by Oscar throughout his creative process©-nominated Cambodian filmmaker Rithy Panh (The missing image).

“I’ve had the privilege of mentoring Majid through his compelling and deeply personal story, which clearly resonates with global audiences,” recalled Panh. “His voice is universal while staying true to his cultural roots, and his extraordinary courage to be uncompromising with his cinematic vision will inspire talented aspiring filmmakers from around the world to believe in their own cinematic ambitions.”

And Then They Burn The Sea is produced by the DOHA Film Institute and represents the institute’s mission to empower emerging filmmakers from the region.

“I’m always proud to work with the Doha Film Institute to support their efforts to identify and nurture promising, independent new voices in cinema,” added Panh, “and the attention Majid is giving to And Then They.” Burn The Sea shows the limitless potential aspiring Qatari and Arab filmmakers need to carve their own way to reach international audiences.

“Congratulations to Majid and DFI on qualifying And Then They Burn The Sea for an Oscar©-Consideration of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.”

And Then They Burn The Sea is represented by Wouter Jansen of Square Eyes for sales and distribution.

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