6 New Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, HBO Max & Apple TV Plus Movies & Shows to Stream This Weekend – Gamesradar | Episode Movies

Another week drawing to a close means another batch of streaming recommendations from us. And this weekend there’s no shortage of choices for things to watch, whether you’re looking for a movie to stream or a new series to dig into.

A new season of The Crown is now available on Netflix, with all 10 episodes available to stream. Season 5 takes us back to the ’90s when the Queen and her family are going through some tough times, and there’s a brand new cast led by Imelda Staunton. Over on Prime Video you can watch western drama The English, starring Emily Blunt, or dark comedy Mammals, starring James Corden – you can watch the former on BBC iPlayer if you’re in the UK. Meanwhile, Mythic Quest Season 3 is arriving on Apple TV Plus.

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