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If you’re wondering how to make a short film but don’t know where to start, read on. We’ve put together this easy guide to making your own short film using your home as a studio. After all, we don’t all have the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster, and sometimes knowing the simple tricks to success is what you need to get started.

You may need a good camera for videos (opens in new tab) for starters, but there are options for all price points and a decent 4K camera for filmmaking (opens in new tab) is fortunately no longer breaking the budget. Read on, and with the help of film enthusiast Maria Jose Meneses, we’ll show you how to plan, shoot and edit your own short film.

Maria Jose Meneses is a Marketing Specialist and runs Content Marketing at Porch. She writes, films, travel and music and writes about films. That’s why she put together this guide to filmmaking! “I’ve decided to write Your home, your studio: your own short film (opens in new tab) to give tips to beginners like my younger self on how to make their short film from the comfort of their own home.”

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