How to control your Android device from a PC with Scrcpy – Tom’s Hardware | Episode Movies

Scrcpy (Screen Copy) is a remarkable tool. At the most basic level, it’s a means to interact with an Android device from our computer. We can launch applications, control cameras and play games with our Android device, but through a USB or Wi-Fi connection. We first came across Scrcpy in 2020 and used it as a means to add a high-quality second camera to an OBS setup.

This camera is actually a four year old cell phone and we are showing the Android desktop as an application window on our desktop. We can even use Scrcpy over a Wi-Fi connection, which is useful for mobile video streams. If you have an old Android phone or tablet in a drawer, then scrcpy is the means to breathe new life into it and reuse it as part of your streaming setup.

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