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In Season 2, Episode 8 of the kardashians, The family once again turns their personal mythologies into media events – and vice versa. From preparing for Kourtney and Travis’ wedding with Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, to Kim’s Rocky Balboa-esque workout to fit into the Marilyn dress, and the at-times internal family buzz about the highly publicized Blac Chyna trial — we don’t just get the BTS of headlines we’ve seen throughout the year, but we’re also learning how far the family can stretch their content. (Across three episodes, to be precise – because every story arc that began in Episode 7 continued in this one and is still unconcluded.) Here are three things that have kept me awake after Episode 8 of The Kardashians:

An entire scene dedicated to a photo taken by Kravis in front of Milan Cathedral

As quirky xylophone music plays that definitely evokes the energy of a docu-series, Kravis hops into the back seat of her big black SUV to embark on a mysterious mission. They show up at Milan Cathedral, where Kourt immediately jumps into Travis’ arms to kiss in front of the landmark and someone from her crew snaps a photo — one that viewers of the show might well remember, it in theirs having seen feeds. The scene drives home how much of The Kardashians is about getting behind the scenes of even the most casual of Instagram shots (apparently) and effectively documenting Kravis’ strangely memorable documentation of her travel memory. But with social media beginning to replace more traditional forms like movies and television, is it so unthinkable that a reality show would provide further background and context to the content we consume most?

Ripley said no — until Kris Jenner called

The main drama of the last few episodes revolved around whether Ripley’s Believe It or Not! would borrow Kim the Marilyn Monroe dress she planned to wear to the 2022 Met Gala (narratively belittling the more technically scandalous Blac Chyna trial). At the franchise’s Florida location, a scene begins with Kim, and she explains how she found herself there: “They wouldn’t let me try on—until Kris Jenner called.” When a producer asks Kris exactly how she managed it, the iconic momager refuses to give anything away, instead citing one of her more famous catchphrases (which we last heard quoted from Khloé, during coverage of Kim’s controversial Episode 4). diversity cover shoot). “You know what I’m saying: if someone says no, you’re talking to the wrong person.” Kim fills in some fun details, describing how she whispered begging to her mom for the dress while Kris kept the phone on mute, to tell her to shut up. In doing so, Kris lived up to arguably her most famous meme — the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder — as Ripley relented, forever merging a classic Kris Jenner triumph with one of Kim’s most important media milestones. Amidst an entire season of story arcs about the mother’s health challenges and her ever-present existential gloom over aging, the sisters have found a variety of ways to remind us how vital Kris’ leadership is in scaling the family’s epic brand.

The very different clothing fittings

While Kim, the self-proclaimed shapeshifter, has taken on one Rocky-style training regimen to fit the dress, Kourtney was portrayed more like a royalty, trying on crowns at Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan showroom and regularly referred to as “my queen” by fiancé Travis Barker.

The sisters’ experiences during their respective dress fittings are just as varied. Domenico Dolce hand-tailors Kourt’s dress to fit her figure – a creative process we witness firsthand as fabrics fly and new shapes emerge. “Domenico jumps into action and starts biting bones out of my dress,” Kourtney tells us during a confessional, “and cutting things up and building me an entire dress.” Back in Orlando, Kim and her team are struggling to make her Marilyn’s dress attract what absolutely can not cut according to their shape. After all, the dress itself is history, and — while the Kardashians may be masters of storytelling — the past is immutable. The camera zooms in on Kim’s curves, which are very unfavorable at the moment for the shape she’s aiming for. “Oh my god!” exclaimed my prospective viewer (my sister). “Is that a Skims plug?” As the scene progresses it appears to be so.

“Do I need to put on another pair of shapewear?” Kim asks her team. Chris Appleton has a solution. “He lifted my butt in my skims,” ​​Kim says, “and repositioned my shapewear. Then things went up.” And so, one of Kim’s most successful media controversy cycles was made possible by two cornerstones of her brand: Kris Jenner and Skims.


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