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We’ve been waiting for what feels like centuries for this day and now it’s finally here. It’s the return of one of the greatest titans the film industry has ever known, whose projects have won countless awards and transformed cinema as an art form on multiple occasions. After years of delays, detours and shattered dreams, it’s time to let the movies transport us to another world once again.

I’m talking, of course, about Lindsay Lohan’s return to film. I’m sure James Cameron would do it love to have that kind of flattery being hurled avatar 2. But has James Cameron ever hit his head on a ski slope, lost his memory and fallen in love with the handsome innkeeper whose struggling lodge needs a miracle just in time for the holidays? No, but Lindsay Lohan does. And she brought us something that we will remember for a long time avatar 12 Hits TubiTV in 2089: Holiday spirit.

Yes, La Lohan has carved her way out of the bowels of child star hell to fix Earth’s axis with her new Netflix vacation film. In love with Christmas, from today. To say this moment was a long time coming — for both Lohan and the hordes of fans she’s amassed during her tenure as one of the world’s most celebrated actresses — would be a colossal understatement. After a tough life in the public eye, Lohan made several comeback attempts. There was a play in London’s West End; a harrowing reality show co-signed by Oprah; and last a Vanderpump Rules-style series about a now closed beach club in Mykonos.

But even after each false start, Lohan has kept his head up despite the never-ending setbacks. Now, after taking a break from acting and escaping the cameras in Dubai, where she has been living for the past few years, Lohan is continuing her Hollywood underdog story with the first of three films with Netflix. In love with Christmas.

The movie is essentially your run-of-the-mill holiday movie made for streaming, with a celebration jacked up to 11. He’s predictable, goofy, and oh-so-sweet. Under normal circumstances, it would be a completely forgotten holiday dish — those ultra-rich cookies at the party that go untouched. But with Lohan driving the sleigh In love with Christmas transcends its formulaic nature to become a bubbly romp and the ideal comeback vehicle for its star.

Lohan stars in the film as Sierra Belmont, a spoiled hotel heiress who navigates the grounds of her father’s sprawling ski resort and commands the staff while she ponders a job offer at the family business. Sierra would be Vice President of Atmosphere, a job she’d likely be grueling at, judging by her ability to handle an entire phone conversation with her influencer boyfriend Tad (George Young) while her minions soak their cuticles and pour champagne down their flutes Mouth.

When Tad Sierra proposes marriage on a remote mountaintop (which of course makes for more exclusive selfie locations), a sudden storm sends them both hurtling over the side of the cliff in opposite directions. Sierra hits her head as she hits the ground. Nearby, North Star Lodge owner Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet) gives some of his guests a sleigh ride through the snow. Spotting Sierra’s pink ski gear by the side of the road, he rushes her to the hospital. But when she wakes up, there’s only one problem (tell me now!): She doesn’t remember her name!

Amnesia is one of those things we Merry Movie Maven like to call the Four Festive Dilemmas. Any TV/streaming vacation film tends to have a combination of the following as its central conflict: winter sports-induced amnesia; a townsman who has forgotten what Christmas is about; a young girl who has lost one (or both!) of her parents; or a local family business that needs bailing out—either from big corporations or mounting debt.

wouldn’t you know In love with Christmas has all four.

Unable to pull a single personal memory from her tree-trauma brain, Sierra accepts Jake’s offer to stay at the North Star while she recovers. But even without her memory intact, Sierra is already feeling the lack of pampering that comes with a bed-and-breakfast life.

She has no memory of putting on a fitted sheet, loading a washing machine, or cooking a pancake. By God, the whole place could burst into flames if they even let her near the stove. And with the lodge losing more guests to fancy resorts and Airbnbs every year, Jake doesn’t have to hire anyone to help. Luckily for Sierra, that just means she can get closer to Jake, his sweet daughter, and his doting mother-in-law, who have been looking for some Christmas spirit after losing Jake’s wife a few years ago.

Doesn’t this completely unoriginal and completely hackneyed storyline warm you up? I know I feel wrapped up. And if you’re still not convinced, you’re sure to love Lohan’s always impressive comedy.

She has a unique talent for understanding just the right physicality to do something hysterical, and mastering the screen with as little effort as cracking an egg – which is really difficult for Sierra. Lohan’s comedic timing is spot on. Watching her land one-liners again like she never left is pure joy. There were a few moments that not only made me laugh but really made me smile because it was so damn nice to see an old flame flickering on screen again.

Overstreet is a charming complement to Lohan, and the two actually manage to pull off something that’s pretty rare in the genre: sincere chemistry. These romantic couples from vacation movies often feel wooden without a single spark. Overstreet and Lohan play together perfectly, building a romance that feels real (or at least as real as a Netflix Christmas movie can make you feel) without trying so hard that it’s overdone and ridiculous.

But let me tell you, we both know why we’re here. We’re just looking for a light fare for our holiday baking or maybe something to watch and laugh with some friends and lots of spiced wine. I wasn’t expecting anything too grand in love with christmas Aside from the return of Lindsay Lohan, and I got exactly what I expected: a muddled and soothing season opener.

Aside from picking up every trope of the genre, the film is edited at the almost manic pace I’ve come to expect from these films. Sometimes I wondered if I accidentally turned on Netflix’s 1.5x feature. Every inch of each image looks like a Michaels craft store exploded on set. If that’s not enough, there’s even a magical Santa who secretly plays god while the rest of these peasants run around a ski lodge thinking they have some semblance of free will. And it’s all wrapped in a giant red bow, representing the blooper roll of the credits. Even if you’re just a holiday movie fanatic with no interest in formerly embattled starlets, there’s something here for you too.

But even if she’s not your main attraction, you’ll get away with it In love with Christmas in love with Lindsay Lohan. After everything she’s been through, she somehow hasn’t lost the it factor that made her star shine so brightly all those years ago. Capable and charismatic, she carries both drama and humor on her face in a way other actresses of her time never could. And here she shows us exactly why the industry was never willing to give up on her. Whether you fall in love on Christmas or not is debatable, but you will surely fall in love with Lindsay Lohan.

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