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This week’s entertainment releases include Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” on HBO Max, and Dan Levy from Emmy-winning “Schitt’s Creek” has “The Big Brunch,” a cook-off he created and hosts. There’s also a new Sonic the Hedgehog video game from Sega, documentary Fire of Love about the volcanologist couple, and film critic and historian Elvis Mitchell explores the history of black cinema in the seminal films of the 1970s new Netflix Documentary “Is That Black Enough For You?!?”

Here’s a collection of what’s hitting TV and streaming services.

Have you been following all the hype about Don’t Worry Darling and forgot to check out the movie behind it? Well don’t worry darling, Olivia Wilde’s midcentury-style psychological thriller begins streaming on HBO Max Monday. For those who’ve managed to blissfully oblivious to Spit-Gate and salad dressing and “Miss Flo,” Wilde’s film takes us to a planned community in the desert, where the martinis flow, the women clean, and the men go to work during the day. But Alice (Florence Pugh) sees cracks in her seemingly perfect life with Jack (Harry Styles) and begins asking questions about the mysterious company he works for, which is run by an enigmatic leader played by Chris Pine. In his review, AP film writer Jake Coyle wrote that “‘Don’t Worry Darling’ “ultimately doesn’t deserve all the off-screen hype nor quite the on-screen disappointment that it’s portrayed to be.”

Film critic and historian Elvis Mitchell delves into a new Netflix documentary, Is That Black Enough For You?!? Stream Friday. Using clips from over 100 films and new interviews from the likes of Harry Belafonte, Samuel L. Jackson, Laurence Fishburne, Whoopi Goldberg and Zendaya, Mitchell examines the influence of black voices, creators and actors on cinema and argues that it is blaxploitation not just a niche moment, but as influential and important as what the new generation of white male filmmakers were doing in the ’70s. Also on Netflix on Saturday is the adaptation of Where the Crawdads Sing and on Thursday the Lindsay Lohan rom-com Falling for Christmas.

Fire Of Love Key Art Vertical (Photo: Business Wire)

Starting Friday, Disney+ is getting one of the best documentaries of the year, Fire of Love, about Katia and Maurice Krafft, famous French volcanologists who died on Mount Unzen in Japan in 1991. Sara Dosa’s experimental documentary about a strange human-woman-vulcan love triangle is compiled from hundreds of hours of Krafft’s wildly cinematic footage of their explorations. Dosa drew on the aesthetics of French new wave films to inform the film’s tone and style, including playful split screens and zooms. They delved into the absurdity and profundity of the story with a “dry, curious” narration by Miranda July and an original “retro-futuristic” score by Nicolas Godin of French musical duo Air.

Excursion! The owners of the world famous gold and silver pawn shop leave their home base of Pawn Stars in Las Vegas for The History Channel’s show Pawn Stars Do America. Father-son shop owners Rick Harrison and Corey Harrison and their sidekick Austin “Chumlee” Russell visit eight states in the eight-part series, which debuts Wednesday. Stops include Austin, Texas; Denver; and Savannah, Georgia. Among the finds: a letter from George Washington, a shield from the French king Henry II and a signed Yousuf Karsh photograph of Ernest Hemingway.

Emmy-winning Schitt's Creek's Dan Levy mixes things up with The Big Brunch, a cook-off he created and hosts.

Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy mixes things up with The Big Brunch, a cook-off he created and hosts. The HBO Max series, which debuts Thursday with the first three of its eight episodes, aims to spread “inspirational and undiscovered culinary voices” from across the country. Ten chefs vying for a $300,000 prize will be judged by Levy – who calls brunch “the ultimate connector” – along with chef Sohla El-Waylly and restaurateur Will Guidara.

In Netflix’s The English, aristocratic foreigner Lady Cornelia Locke and Eli Whipp, a former Native American cavalry scout, join forces on a perilous journey across 1890’s America to reach a fledgling Wyoming town that is… is not a safe haven – it is plagued by murders. Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer star in what has been described as both an epic car chase western and a “parable of race, power and love.” The series, which features an ensemble cast consisting of Stephen Rea, Valerie Pachner, Toby Jones and Ciarán Hinds, opens on Friday.

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