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Brendan Fraser was the talk of the town until 2022 The whale one of the most successful films of his career. The film was very well received by critics, with Fraser receiving particular praise.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky The whale is a psychological drama about Charlie, a 272 kg gay English teacher who seeks to reconnect with his estranged daughter. Fraser plays Charlie while his daughter’s role is played stranger things (2016–) star Sadie Sink.

The film had its world premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 4, 2022. It received a six-minute standing ovation.

A video showing Fraser visibly emotional as critics and fans applauded him went viral on social media. Even Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, took to Twitter to shower Fraser with lavish praise.

Because of his performance in The whale and the universal acclaim the film has received, many believe Fraser now has a solid shot at earning an Oscar nomination in 2023 — the first of his career.

But where did Brendan Fraser disappear?

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Fraser’s private life is itself like the plot of a movie. The film made his cinema debut dogfight (1991) starring Lili Taylor and River Phoenix – the older brother of Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix. His role was credited simply as Sailor #1.

Encino man (1992), his next theatrical release, made Fraser a star. He played a caveman who is freed from a block of ice in the modern world and embarks on a hilarious adventure. Although critically panned, the film was a huge box office success.

Fraser quickly became one of the top Hollywood actors in the 1990s, making it one of the highest paid actors of his time. However, his career began to go downhill in the mid-2000s, and he almost disappeared from the spotlight by the 2010s.

Part of that was because of the injuries he sustained on set The Mummy (1999-2008) Franchises.

“At the time I did the third mummy picture in China [in 2008]I was put together with tape and ice — I built an exoskeleton for myself on a daily basis,” he said GQ Magazine 2018.

In the famous investigative interview, he said health problems including a partial knee replacement and damage to his vocal cords, among others, forced him to visit hospitals for almost seven years.

In the same interview, Fraser accused Philip Berk, then president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the organization behind the Golden Globes, of sexually assaulting him in 2003. Fraser said the incident drove him into a state of depression and that he felt like the HFPA had blacklisted him.

“I don’t know if that displeases the group, the HFPA. But the silence was deafening,” he said, adding that he was rarely invited to the Globes after 2003.

Personal struggles added to Fraser’s plight. The Canadian-American actor and his wife Afton Smith divorced in 2007, and Fraser lost his mother in 2016 – an incident that was behind his sad looks as he appeared on AOL’s BUILD series for his first interview in years.

“I buried my mother. I think I was in mourning and I didn’t know what that meant,” he said GQ.

Between those years, his screen career took a back seat and he wasn’t the face of blockbusters like he used to be.

Still, Fraser managed to dabble in low-budget films. Alongside this, he tried to make the transition to television with notable appearances in the miniseries Texas rises (2015) and Season 3 of Showtime’s The affair (2016-2017).

After playing Nathan Fowler in season 1 of the thriller series condor (2018), Fraser directed a number of memorable films including the Indian crime drama descent line (2019).

In early 2019 he appeared as Cliff Steele aka Robotman, one of the main roles in the superhero series Doom Patrol — is considered by many to be one of the best Brendan Fraser movies or TV shows.

Fraser, who lends his voice to the character physically portrayed by Riley Shanahan, was widely praised for the role. He has played the character in all three seasons and will be reprising it in the fourth.

He was also set to play the super villain Firefly bat girl, with Leslie Grace as the titular superhero. The film was later set to be released in 2022. But even though filming was complete and in the post-production phase, the creators canceled Warner Bros bat girl to the shock of the fans.

The best Brendan Fraser movies you can watch right now

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