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Dominic West calls Prince Charles, his character in seasons five and six of The Crown, a “fascinating man”.

“I have an amazing life and an amazing role,” West said of his high-profile character in an October interview with Entertainment Weekly.

West inherited the role from Josh O’Connor, who played a younger version of King in previous seasons. The fifth season of The Crown begins with a time warp to the 1990s, exploring the plot of Charles’ separation from Princess Diana, who wed in 1992, aged 32 and 20 respectively, and their divorce in 1996.

This season, Charles also looks ahead to his role as King and manages his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, now Queen Consort.

(L) Prince Charles. (R) Dominic West as Prince Charles.Getty Images, Netflix

As interesting as he finds the royal, West said he almost turned down the role because he felt he didn’t see The part.

“I said, ‘You got the wrong guy, I don’t look like him at all,'” West told Entertainment Weekly.

“I was a bit desperate. How am I supposed to get that guy’s physicality,” he continued, “because the only time I really look like Charles is from behind because the hair is straight Perfect.”

Apparently he got it to work though. Read more about what the British actor was up to before The Crown below.

‘The cable’

The Wire is a five-season drama set in Baltimore that first premiered on HBO in 2002. West played Jimmy McNulty, which was the breakthrough of his career. McNulty is a retired detective who is still influential and continues to be involved in cases. He has unconventional, albeit controversial, ways of solving cases, but they mostly work.

West, who is from England, said that doing a Baltimore accent remained a challenge until the end of the show. “It’s never been easier for me. It was actually a real problem for me. I worked pretty hard on it,” he said in the oral history book All the Pieces Matter.

Dominic West in The Wire.
Dominic West in The Wire.©HBO/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

After becoming an integral part of the cast, West negotiated time off to spend with family. “I really needed to get home and be with my daughter a little longer,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 2008 (he and wife Catherine Fitzgerald share four children, and he has another daughter from a previous relationship).

Producers let him “go easily” in season four as long as he returned full-time for season five. West said his absence was barely noticeable thanks to show producer and writer David Simon.

“It kind of suited David Simon’s boldness as a writer that he was going to lose one of the main characters, but, gosh, he pulled it off. I thought he took it to another level; he really did it,” he said.

‘The affair’

The Affair premiered on Showtime in 2014 and ran for five seasons.

As the name suggests, the drama series examines the emotional and psychological effects that infidelity can have both directly and indirectly. In the series, West plays Noah Solloway, a teacher and aspiring novelist who is married to Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney), and they share four children. One summer in the Hamptons, Noah meets Alison (Ruth Wilson), a waitress with whom he begins an all-encompassing, life-changing affair.

Joshua Jackson, Dominic West in The Affair.
Joshua Jackson and Dominic West in The Affair.©Showtime/courtesy Everett Collection

West told The Evening Standard that filming the show’s sex scenes wasn’t sexy at all.

“It can be sexy at times … at the wrong moments,” he told the outlet. “In your supposed moment of passion, you have a guy with a boom (mic) saying, ‘Could you just move slightly to your left, mate?’ Then you have another poor guy to paint your butt.”

“Les Misérables”

West starred in PBS and BBC One’s 2018 adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel Les Misérables, in which he played Jean Valjean, a formerly incarcerated man returning to normal life.

David Oyelowo (back to camera), Dominic West and Lily Collins in Les Miserables.
David Oyelowo (back to camera), Dominic West and Lily Collins in Les Miserables.© PBS / Courtesy of the Everett Collection

And he’s acted in quite a few films

West has acted in a number of films, from Finding Dory (he voiced a sea lion!) to From Time to Time to Tomb Raider. Recently you may have seen him in Downton Abbey 2. His “Crown” co-star Imelda Staunton starred in the first “Downton” film.

Downton Abbey 2nd from left: Dominic West, Robert James Collier, 2022.
Downton Abbey 2nd from left: Dominic West, Robert James Collier, 2022. © Focus Features / Courtesy of Everett

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