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What you need to know about me is that I grew up on Tumblr of the early 2010s, which means I’m basically programmed to do two things – be bad guys and be obsessed with British actors and actresses . That’s just how I was brought up, nothing can change that now – the pattern is too deep in there, kind of like that duneImperial conditioning in style.

All of this to say that when I first saw Ewan Mitchell in Episode 8 of , he played the adult Aemond Targaryen house of the dragon I said, “Oh yeah, here he is. The New Recruit” and, along with the rest of the internet, fell into deep hyper fixation because there’s nothing the Stan populace loves more than a crazed kinslayer with a badass sapphire eye and themes ranging from King’s Landing to the Wall – Again nothing new.

Aemond Targaryen reveals his Sapphire Isle in the Season 1 finale of House of the Dragon
Honestly, my TikTok For You page has gotten awkward for the past few weeks (HBO)

That house of the dragon The producing team said they were shocked at how popular Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen had become with fans, which I find somewhat amusing because Daemon Targaryen is once again well in the alley of the general fandom populace as the show’s great despicable havoc . However, I can’t help but wonder if producers and writers were similarly surprised by Prince Aemond following directly in his uncle’s footsteps – which, as we all know, is Aemond’s ultimate goal in life.

Of course, as part of the natural life cycle of fandom fixes, I had to gather all the information I could find about Ewan Mitchell’s previous work – and now that I’ve gathered what I think is a good amount of material in which he had a somewhat prominent role , here I am ready to share it with you so we can all update our TV schedules and schedules to make room for yet another British actor. Once again I ask myself what is 2022 if not 2012 persistent?

Just a quick note before we begin – this list will previously be all about Ewan Mitchell’s work house of the dragon, with as few mentions as possible of his private life. Ideally, no mentions at all. Not that there’s much to know about it — if there’s one thing that’s crystal clear, Mitchell is a very reticent person, with the very little information circulating around the internet and the lack of official social media. Something to be respected and honored by fans and casual viewers alike.

‘The Halcyon’ (2017)

The period drama The Halcyon was aired for one season on ITV and its plot revolved around the fictional five-star hotel that gave the series its name – and followed the lives of guests and staff alike as World War II engulfed London and the fates of the people The doors of the Halcyon seem to be turning. In the eight episodes, Ewan Mitchell plays Billy Taylor, a bellboy at The Halcyon Hotel and later a soldier in action.

‘High Life’ (2018)

The only film – so far – on this list high life is a science fiction/horror story written by French director Claire Denis and starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche. high life is what I like to call “psychological sci-fi,” where space isn’t really there for cool sci-fi moments, but rather as a frightening metaphor for the human experience. The idea at the core of its non-linear storyline is that a group of criminals sentenced to death are selected and sent on a space mission to extract energy from a black hole. Ewan Mitchell plays one of these criminals, Ettore, who is particularly violent towards his crewmates.

“The Last Kingdom” (2018-2022)

The recurring role in The Last Kingdom is probably Ewan Mitchell’s longest running part to date and the one for which he is perhaps best known to the general public. He appears in the second season of the Netflix-era BBC drama set in early medieval England as the novice Osferth, the illegitimate son of King Alfred the Great of Wessex. Osferth eventually joins main character Uthred’s warband and follows him on his adventures – and everyone calls him “Baby Monk”, which is admittedly very cute. Ewan Mitchell was part of the main cast of The Last Kingdom until the fifth and final season – during which he funnily shared the screen with Phia Saban, who plays Aemond’s sister Helaena Targaryen (as an adult, of course). house of the dragon.

A picture of Osferth, played by Ewan Mitchell, on Netflix
The Jaime Lannister-ness of it still frankly shakes me (Netflix)

“World on Fire” (since 2019)

As this is a British actor we’re talking about, you know there must be quite a few more WWII era dramas on this list – and here it is in 2019 world on fire Series comes in. The story follows a chorus of characters across war-torn Europe, moving from Britain to Poland to France to Germany to the United States. Ewan Mitchell plays Tom Bennett, a cocky petty criminal with a truly great accent who eventually joins the Royal Navy despite being a conscientious objector. And fun fact, Tom Bennett’s dad is played by Sean Bean – known from the A Song of Ice and Fire Fans like none other than Eddard of House Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. The show currently has one season but has been renewed for a second, and Ewan Mitchell was set to return and reprise his role as Tom Bennett.

Ewan Mitchell as Tom Bennett in BBC One war drama World on Fire
We Love Good BBC Drama In This House (BBC One)

‘Trigger Point’ (since 2022)

The newest project on this list, with the exception of of course house of the dragon. trigger point is a crime series that focuses on the life of a former military bomb disposal officer who now works for the London Police. Ewan Mitchell makes an appearance about halfway through the first season as Billy Washington, the brother of main character Lana Washington. While the show has been picked up for a second season, let’s just say he may not return to it — plus there are future seasons of house of the dragon also to consider.

(Source: IMDb; featured image: HBO)

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