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Casinos are embedded in our culture. Anyone can spot a pair of red dice on the craps table or a deck of cards being fanned out by a blackjack dealer. Specific casino images are ingrained in our collective consciousness, and with good reason. Casinos are closely tied to the shows, movies and stories we love.

It’s no surprise considering the evolution of casino gaming. A handful of states have recently legalized online casinos, making popular gambling games accessible to the masses. Michigan online casinos, for example, have proven very successful in Great Lakes State. Other markets – notably New Jersey and Pennsylvania – have been successful in this area for years.

Casinos and casino games are woven into our cultural perimeter and there are many examples to prove it. Let’s look at five of the best casino and gambling moments on TV today.

The office— “Casino Night”

Michael Scott’s antics are shown in full in Casino Night, an iconic episode of The office. Aside from driving the “will they, won’t they” storyline of Jim and Pam, it offers a bevy of hilarious casino-themed moments.

A fan favorite is Michael’s lusty request to shuffle the cards, which then results in him shuffling them all around the table like a child would shuffle.

There’s also Kevin’s hubris in a confessional where he explains that he’s a card shark and then cuts to him when he promptly loses a hand to Phyllis. Creed, always the criminal, can be seen grabbing chips and slicing and dishing his way to the biggest prizes of the night.

The beauty of Casino Night is that it doesn’t rely too much on its themes. There are, of course, plenty of gambling-themed jokes and gags, but the characters really drive this one home. We get a different kind of comedy thanks to the gambling theme, but it doesn’t transcend its welcome.

Listen! with dr Steve Brule-“Money”

Understandably, John C. Reilly’s dope character is not well known. This show, embedded in the annals of the Adult Swim pantheon, is strange. Each episode, “Dr.” (he has no significant references) Steve Brule examines a single topic. In “Money,” Steve Brule talks to a card counter and comically mistakes gambling “chips” for potato chips.

He then ventures into the casino, where he fiddles with the coin changer, claiming that the machine guarantees a win: “One paper coin equals four coins!” he exclaims.

Cut to Steve Brule playing blackjack and proclaiming he’s won as soon as a literal black jack appears on the table, then getting kicked out for his behavior.

Money is the absurdist comedy that Steve Brule is famous for, and the casino-related scenes are always good for a laugh.

The simpsons– “$pringfield (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)”

Name a topic. Literally any Theme. The chances are good, The simpsons has it covered. And the show security; won’t slow down.

It’s no wonder everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family has tried their hand at gambling. In $pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) Springfield sanctions gambling to boost the local economy and generate revenue for the city.

It’s a rarity Simpsons Episode in which even the typical spoilsports – like Marge – approve of the town’s strange, collective idea. This leads to everyone being involved in the following antics. Marge starts playing slots and Bart opens a casino in his tree house, upset that he can’t play legally at the new casino.

There’s plenty of betting and gambling fodder in the episode, and it resonates with that comedic absurdity that only a show likes The simpsons can deduct.

How I met your mother-“Atlantic City”

When Marshall and Lily decide to flee, they venture to Atlantic City. Laughter follows!

Perhaps the most well-known aspect of this episode is Marshall getting sucked into a game he doesn’t understand on any level. As he sits at the table, random events continue to occur and Barney strangely grasps the intricacies of the complicated game.

It’s easy to connect to Marshall’s plight. I’ve taken friends to a casino and watched their wide eyes and confusion as I tried to explain craps. Gambling can be complex; there’s a lot of math and luck and odds involved. It can be difficult for the uninitiated to navigate. How I met your mother captures that feeling perfectly in this episode.

friends—”The one in Vegas”

This friends Double Feature takes the gang to Sin City for a weekend of debauchery.

Rachel spends much of the episode with a mustache and beard drawn on her face by Ross, an oddly appropriate storyline. In a town famous for all things weird and wacky, Rachel must contend with her penciled facial hair.

The episode features many classic sitcom moments, including an escape from Vegas and a big win. There’s plenty of Vegas-style fun in the two-parter, making it a top contender for casino-themed TV episodes.

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