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Texas State Theater sophomore Richard Prasedyoko smiles for a photo while waiting for the start of a Texas State Film Club meeting Thursday, November 3, 2022, at the Theater Center.

“Cats Walk is a segment that will highlight Texas State students. Web editor Monica Vargas will be chatting with another bobcat about school, self-love and the state of Texas.

This week Monica interviewed Richard Prasedyoko, a second-year theater student with a major in film and a minor in music. He received his associate’s degree in media production from South Plains College in Lubbock, Texas. He received his prior education in his hometown of Jakarta, Indonesia. Richard is currently part of the Texas State Film Club production team.

Richard’s favorite quote: “Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a great intelligence and a deep heart.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Varga: Tell me three things you love about yourself.

Richard Prasedyoko: I am extremely passionate about learning anything and everything in my passion for film and music. Before I came to this university, I did a lot of self-taught learning through pictures and videos. I love my adaptability, in Indonesia I moved to five different cities, then I traveled all over the world to come to the States to further my education and to fulfill my dream in film. It takes a lot of courage to leave home and go to a brand new country.

I’ve been making music since I was a little boy; being a multi-instrumentalist, writing and performing my own songs. I love and appreciate that about myself. [I am] grateful that I can deliver messages in a creative way. I usually play guitar and drums most of the time, although there are other instruments I play.

My band is called Pheelo, which means afraid to fall in love and feeling down. I struggled with this in high school, and music helped me deal with it. Tapping into my talents helped me release what I was feeling.

Varga: What inspired you to devote yourself to film?

Richard Prasedyoko: This may sound cliche, but when I was little I watched Iron Man and was inspired to build and construct things. I decided to do that through film and music; create and build things that help others through life. I watched a lot of Indonesian indie films as a kid and that stimulated my creative flow from a young age.

Varga: What made you choose Texas State as a film?

Richard Prasedyoko: Well, I’m originally from Indonesia and where I’m from, film is a very useful medium to represent and convey messages. I wanted to go to an inclusive university where I could get a hands-on education and feel welcome in this competitive industry. I’m generally new to Texas. My family lives all over the world and luckily one of my sisters lives nearby in Lubbock, Texas.

Currently all my courses are my favorites. One of them, my professor, brings famous directors and people from the film industry who have worked in big films to meet with us on Zoom from Hollywood. I guess all my courses are interesting. [I am] learn the business of film, the history of film, all that.

Varga: How long have you been in the film industry and have you produced films?

Richard Prasedyoko: “Langgam” is a short film I shot at home in Indonesia in high school. It’s about someone who just moved into a new house and discovered that a ghost lives there. This spirit happens to be a traditional dancer from Indonesian dance culture.

This was the first film that I fully wrote, directed and composed in full production. The film is interesting because it is related to my origins; Traditions that most of us grow up with and know. So making this film made me proud and [I could be] attributable to the audience.

Varga: Do you have any filmmaking mentors or directors that you look up to or know personally?

Richard Prasedyoko: Joko Anwar is a director who inspires me from home. I actually had an interview with him to work with him on his sets but the timing wasn’t right. Ultimately, I came here to learn more and perfect my craft in filmmaking. The good news is he said he will be keeping an eye on my cinematic journey as I grow in my talents and experiences.

I also know a person who wrote Sekula Niskala. It is in the Indonesian language and means “seen and unseen”. This is one of my favorite films and it inspires me too. This film represents Asian filmmakers in general.

You have to be really focused, creative and determined when developing ideas. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with ideas because of my creativity. I have to take one step at a time and make it happen through action and direction. I also write them down, which is the first step.

Varga: tell me about your family

Richard Prasedyoko: My parents live in Indonesia, one sister lives in Portugal and the other lives in Lubbock, Texas.

Varga: Are there any other favorite films that appeal to you and that you enjoy?

Richard Prasedyoko: “The Darjeeling Limited” by Wes Anderson.

Varga: Favorite songs and band?

Richard Prasedyoko: My own; you have to love yourself and what you do. My favorite song is called “Avenue” by Sore, an Indonesian band. They have really great music.

Varga: What are your plans after you graduate from Texas State in 2024?

Richard Prasedyoko: I intend to leave good news; an impression of my own creativity through films and songs. As a musician, with my own band, and as a filmmaker, I definitely want to make a difference and give back to the community.

Varga: Any advice for those who also want to make film?

Richard Prasedyoko: Well, I’m still new and learning and building my portfolio, but I can say one thing: be passionate. I’ve traveled oceans to be here and learn what I dream of in film. Just be yourself. Be inclusive. Think of the art, not the audience, when it comes to criticism. There will be more who will relate to you and appreciate what you do. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, people you wouldn’t normally associate with. You never know who you’re going to meet. Also, networking is a must, it helps your career and even develops relationships that will help you and your growth in the field.

Richard Prasedyoko’s Instagram: @richprased.

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