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CXOToday hosted an exclusive interview with Mr. Atul Rai, Co-Founder and CEO of Staqu Technologies.

With what mission and goals was the company founded? In short, tell us about your journey since the company was founded.

In our previous foundation, I (Atul), Anurag and Pankaj met by chance. We worked on one of the projects. I worked in research, Anurag in engineering and Pankaj in cloud computing. Realizing that we all complement each other, we decided to create a dedicated AI company that solves the problem of automating audio-video data pointers. We then founded Staqu in 2015, which works mainly in the area of ​​audio-video analysis and management with our product JARVIS. Staqu enables a seamless solution to any problem related to image analysis and information extraction.

We’ve come a long way since the launch of our product offerings. We have over 100 companies that work directly with us. Some of the well known brands that work with us are Raymond, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, Chaayos, Crocs, GMR, JK Cement, Agrocel and more. In addition, nine state police work with us to meet their security surveillance and facial recognition needs for criminals. Our mission is to integrate JARVIS technology into all cameras and make them as intelligent as humans.

How did you decide to build a brand in AI-guided visual analysis?

Any installed CCTV camera must be closely monitored by a security guard for violence or intrusion. The massive stream of data coming in requires the guards’ attention to keep an eye out for various activities based solely on their understanding. The human brain is practically incapable of analyzing such a large number of feeds. According to recent data, we now have more cameras than people on the planet. This means that even if we put people behind every feed, we won’t be able to cover every camera. However, AI can now play an important role in filling this vacuum by automating monitoring for security or similar types of data analysis. It can automate various safety or security protocols, eliminating the possibility of error and doing tasks that would otherwise be impossible for humans. This is where our well-known product JARVIS comes into play. JARVIS automates real-time facial recognition, vehicle detection, people counting, and intrusion, fire, and violence detection.

Tell us about Staqu’s JARVIS tool.

JARVIS is an audio video analytics and management platform that has revolutionized the way people think about security cameras. It follows the novel method of extracting meaningful information from long CCTV video footage by using AI and computer vision to generate short and clear real-time alerts. JARVIS, powered by artificial intelligence, patented technologies and unique capabilities, offers security innovations and the best possible business solution. JARVIS face recognition module based on deep learning can recognize people, manage attendance and detect blacklisted people. It also uses audio examples to identify criminals. The face recognition system, for example, has more than 99.7% accuracy in LFW dataset, Youtube faces, Indian and foreign face databases.

What are the use cases of Visual Data Analytics?

Businesses in the modern era have started to realize the importance of data solutions. Staqu brings much-needed reform to the security paradigm, empowering stakeholders to make decisions quickly and generate responses proactively. JARVIS, our brainchild, has proven to be one of the best artificial intelligence-based customizable video analytics engines, with cutting-edge facial recognition technology and intelligent monitoring of objects, crowds, perimeters, and vehicles. JARVIS provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows customers to monitor critical incidents and take appropriate action. The video wall panel enables centralized real-time monitoring of all cameras from different locations on a single screen. With over 40 use cases, JARVIS Video Analytics offers accurate, flexible and comprehensive solutions. Insights from 85+ Analytics also help accelerate situational awareness and improve operational intelligence.

Developing facial recognition technology and intelligent surveillance as a solution to security concerns.

Until now, surveillance cameras could only record people’s faces and body movements; However, with ever-changing security scenarios and the introduction of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, several institutions are modernizing their security infrastructure to meet the demanding needs of a changing environment. Defense forces, local law enforcement agencies, and companies with critical infrastructure such as refineries, ports, airport terminals, and power plants are rapidly adopting AI audio-video analytics and facial recognition systems due to their numerous benefits. For example, unattended objects and misaligned behavior are easily identified and detected by video analytics and face recognition (VA-FR) systems. In addition, video analytics also captures multiple faces, analyzes audio, and detects blacklisted intrusion, fire, or violence across multiple camera streams simultaneously in real time.

What role do you think video analytics will play in building smart cities?

In order to provide a sense of security and ensure the continuation of development activities, a smart city must provide security for all citizens. Surveillance cameras equipped with advanced video analytics tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud are able to provide the necessary insights and monitor every movement. Real-time data collection and analysis can empower government agencies by providing key insights and making it easier for city officials to collect, store, and interpret information. Smart cameras are effective enough at preventing crime, detecting traffic violations, deterring crowds, and averting minor to major security issues that traditional cameras can’t detect. Additionally, it can help cities around the world identify individuals who are not following Covid-19 safety protocols.

What is the future roadmap for Staqu?

As mentioned before, our vision is to integrate JARVIS technology into all cameras to make cameras as intelligent as humans. We have solved numerous problems in the security, retail and manufacturing industries with our product offerings. As such, we are highly motivated in the coming years to expand our customer base, refine our product offering and expand into new geographies, particularly the United States and United Kingdom, which offer a variety of opportunities for business operations and growth. In terms of sales, we expect to easily exceed INR 20 billion this fiscal year.

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