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Deepen Calibrate reduces the time required for multi-sensor calibration from hours to seconds

Aimless calibration for TOCA Social’s soccer game box camera setup reduces calibration time by more than 85%

By using Deepen Calibrate, TOCA has been able to save hundreds of man hours, which has significantly reduced the downtime of our sensors. The data visualization makes it very powerful.”

— dr Conrad Spiteri, Global Head of Technology, TOCA Social

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, Nov. 7, 2022 / — Deepen AI, a global leader in multi-sensor system calibration tools, today announced its partnership with TOCA Social. TOCA Social is the world’s first interactive football and dining experience that combines immersive gaming with premium food and beverages.

Deepen Calibrate makes the critical task of sensor data calibration easy and fast. Deepen Calibrate manages the complexity of the calibration process, ensuring accuracy and making autonomous systems safer, while doing a job that would typically require the time of a PhD engineer, into something anyone can do.

TOCA Social brings together interactive football, delicious food and five-star cocktails. Working with TOCA Social, Deepen has successfully used Deepen Calibrate to reduce calibration effort by almost 85%, resulting in reduced human resources and greater cost efficiencies.

“By using Deepen Calibrate, TOCA has been able to save hundreds of man hours, which has significantly reduced the downtime of our sensors. Data visualization makes it very powerful, allowing us to immediately check the result and take appropriate action. We look forward to working closely with Deepen AI and further improving our calibration capabilities with them. -Dr. Conrad Spiteri, Global Head of Technology, TOCA Social

Sensor data calibration is critical for all vision and autonomous systems. These systems rely on a variety of sensors, including cameras and LiDAR, to “see” the world around them, but these sensors must be carefully calibrated with each other and with reality to ensure the systems are functioning properly and safely. Until now, sensor calibration has been a task that mixed art and science, requiring the time of the most skilled and experienced engineers on each team.

Deepen Calibrate aims to enable users to automate, visualize and verify data quality integrity for training and validation. Deepen Calibrate can cut the time spent calibrating multi-sensor data from hours to minutes, massively accelerate computer vision training—and open the world to more AI technology by democratizing this key area of ​​data curation.

Key features of Deepen Calibrate include:
– Automate most offices with aimless calibration
– Seamlessly visualize and verify the integrity of multi-sensor data
– Calculate intrinsic and extrinsic calibration parameters
– Export calibrated multi-sensor data to Deepen’s annotation tools

“With Deepen Calibrate, we are giving our customers the ability to automate, visualize, and verify calibration data with an API—while saving them engineering man-hours—so they can confidently move forward with their computer vision training datasets. Our tool can be easily customized to meet any sensor calibration needs,” said Mohammad Musa, CEO and co-founder of Deepen AI. “

Deepen Calibrate offers a wide range of calibration products supporting different types of sensors such as Camera, LiDAR, Radar, IMU and more. Deepen Calibrate expands the company’s suite of data lifecycle tools, Deepen Annotate and Engineering Success.

Licenses and custom packages are available for businesses. You can reach the Deepen team at or visit

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