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Imagine if you could be a good film and television judge? Friends think you have the best series and movie recommendations? This could be just the job for you.

Prime Video is offering Australians a chance to get $40,000 richer simply by recommending movies and films.

Branded a “dream summer job,” the “Prime Video Buff” gets $40,000 for three months of work.

Even better, it’s all possible from the comfort of your living room.

As well as a large sum of money, the Prime Video buff gets a whole host of additional job perks, including red carpet access, working fully from home and streaming the biggest Australian and international shows before they hit the platform.

TV presenter and podcaster Osher Gunsberg was chosen to help Prime Video recruit for the role.

If you think you’re the right content junkie for this role, here’s what you should know:

  • Prime Video is looking for someone who lives and breathes entertainment.
  • The successful applicant will be employed in a full-time position* over the summer.
  • Get paid to watch and recommend the latest Prime Video movies and TV shows to Australians.

Applications are now open at

Australians are obsessed with content, and new research from Prime Video shows the average Australian watched 67 films and TV series this year alone.

With tens of thousands of titles to choose from on Prime Video, this reel was created to further help customers discover something new to watch as choosing what to watch can be difficult.

The study found that while some Australians (46%) use sophisticated AI to recommend content to them, the human touch is never lost, with more than 3 in 5 respondents (64%) relying on word of mouth or expert recommendations to get around select movies and TV shows.

The Prime Video Buff aims to fill this gap.

About what kind of content viewers will get the role, Günsberg said:

“The candidate who snags the Prime Video buff job will not be a normal person because that is not a normal job. Prime Video is looking across the country for someone truly film and TV obsessed, nothing less. A person who can quote every line of a classic rom-com, who loves an action thriller as much as a cult classic.

“The Prime Video fan must enjoy the thrill of exploring new genres and be an expert on all things pop culture with a savvy of television and film. If you think you have what it takes to get the job, apply!

“If it’s not you, it’s your co-worker who’s always talking about the latest series or movie. Get them to apply! As one of the official judges, I can’t wait to see who comes through the door.”

Prime Video’s research further found that 59% of Australians would quit their job tomorrow for a one-time job and more than three-quarters (78%) would choose to be paid to watch full-length films and TV series. time (if they had the opportunity). Additionally, 83% say they enjoy content recommended by real people.

Hushidar KharasHead of Prime Video Australia and New Zealand said:

“We know Australians love content and with tens of thousands of titles on Prime Video, the Prime Video Buff role was created to continue to help our customers discover something new – as choosing what to watch can be difficult can be.

“We’re looking for someone who lives and breathes entertainment to help clients find new content and genres they wouldn’t normally choose. We see this as a real opportunity to discover new entertainment talent while helping our customers unlock new TV shows and movies.”

The Prime Video Buff will be announced on December 5th, 2022.

The successful applicant will be employed by the third party agency commissioned by Prime Video on a contract with a maximum term of three months. All of the above payments are net of applicable amounts and other deductions required by law.

*Subject to the terms of the employment contract with a maximum term of 3 months between the winner and the third party agency commissioned by Prime Video, the winner of the prize contract will receive:

  • A Total Compensation Package of up to 1 x $40,431.12 (including $3,570 in retirement savings paid into a winner-designated retirement fund (less any amounts required by law)

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