Which shutter mode is best for your Canon camera? – World of digital cameras | Episode Movies

As with most things in photography, there are endless possibilities for every aspect of photography. From camera modes to settings and file types to frame rates, the list goes on. And with each new iteration of the camera body, there are new settings to master; The introduction of Canon’s mirrorless cameras, for example, gave us the ability to choose our shutter mode.

The best Canon camera (opens in new tab)s have a plethora of settings, but these differ between DSLRs and the mirrorless EOS R system. DSLRs saw the introduction of ‘silent’ shutter mode, which wasn’t an accurate description as it only slowed and lengthened mirror and shutter rattle, but with Canon’s EOS mirrorless we can opt for truly silent shooting as it there are no mirrors to beat and the shutter mode can be changed.

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