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MALDEN, MA — Hollywood has returned to Malden in recent weeks, with a trio of television and film projects all recently opening in the city, city officials confirmed Friday.

These projects are the latest in a string of filming at Malden over the years and represent just part of the growing interest among producers and location scouts in the area, said Kevin Duffy, the town’s business development officer, Patch.

“We get scouted a lot, but we don’t always get the job,” he said. “The more swings you get, the more home runs you can hit.”

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The TV show Invitation to a Bonfire was filmed in Malden at the Malden Public Library on October 21, according to Duffy. Adapted from the novel of the same name, the show follows the story of a young Russian refugee in the 1930s adjusting to life at a boarding school in New Jersey.

“The Shade,” a movie, brought film crews to Broadway’s Visible Ink tattoo shop just a week after filming of “Invitation to a Bonfire” on Oct. 28, Duffy said.

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Art Thief, a film centered on the 1990 robbery of the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, is currently being filmed in the now vacant Malden District Courthouse.

“Malden has once again become a hotbed of Hollywood activity,” Malden Mayor Gary Christenson said this week.

These latest local productions follow at least 13 other film projects in Malden over the past decade, according to the city council, with previous films such as American Hustle, Ted2 and the Oscar-winning Sound of Metal having at least some of their scenes shot on-site.

The three projects of the last few weeks have made 2022 a record year for Malden. Four projects were filmed in the city this year after an upcoming film about the Boston Strangler pulled through Malden back in early 2022.

2016 was the previous high-water mark for local Hollywood activity in the last decade, with three projects that year.

Christenson attributed recent interest in Malden to a variety of numerous filming locations within the city limits.

“While Malden’s diversity of people is its strength, this time it’s our diversity of architecture that allows us to accommodate these productions,” Christenson said.

Aside from projects actually being realized in Malden, there were other projects in the running.

Duffy said Malden was almost chosen as a location for Thug. The film, starring Liam Neeson, will start filming at multiple locations in the greater Boston area this month, according to Boston.com.

Scouts also considered Malden to be the location for Spirited, an Apple TV movie starring Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds and Octavia Spencer, Duffy said.

Filming has ramped up across the country in recent months following initial lockdowns amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Massachusetts has also long been incentivizing projects to film within state lines through a 2006 tax credit.

Proponents of the loan argue that it helped establish Massachusetts as a manufacturing base in recent years. More local film activity, supporters say, has led to more jobs and other economic benefits.

In Malden, Christenson said local projects provide a dual benefit, bringing Hollywood glitz and glamor to local communities while also offering local businesses money for their participation.

A 2021 state report by the Massachusetts Tax Expenditure Review Commission states that between 2006 and 2016, total movie tax credits generated just over $503 million in new spending in the Massachusetts economy.

The report argued that the gains still didn’t justify the cost of the tax credit, however, and estimated the cost of each new job in Massachusetts at $100,000.

The state legislature ultimately chose to extend the tax credit, despite concerns from the Spending Review Commission last year, as reported by Boston.com.

The new version of the tax credit under the lawmakers’ deal offers a 25 percent production credit, a 25 percent wage credit and a sales tax exemption for film and television projects.

Projects must spend $50,000 in Massachusetts to qualify for payroll. Projects must then spend either 75% of their budget on 75% of their principal photography days in Massachusetts to qualify for the production credit and sales tax exemption.

On a local level, projects continue to come to Malden.

That latest round of activity is also ongoing in the meantime, with filming of Art Thief set to continue in Malden for the coming weeks, according to Duffy.

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