Ten short films will be screened at Panorama on Nov. 11; Questions and Answers to follow – UNCSA | Episode Movies

Panorama is a presentation of the School of Filmmaking’s latest work in a free, student-curated collection of short films. These films were chosen to illustrate the diversity and depth of student talent. School of Filmmaking Dean Deborah LaVine will host a Q&A session with student filmmakers after the screening.

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11/11/2022 7:00 p.m
11/11/2022 10:00 p.m
Panorama program
Student-curated collection of ten short films followed by Q&A with student filmmakers.
Babcock Theater in Filmdorf

The collection will include animations, narrative shorts and experimental projects designed to showcase each of our disciplines and the originality and creativity of our filmmakers. The total running time is about 90 minutes.

Admission is free and the program includes the following short films 2021-2022: Aloof In The Globe Of Marshall M. Owl, Center Of The Sun, Curriculum, Homer, Last Looks, Sammy, Without Strings”, “Sonata”, “Suga Brown”, “They Bloom And Fade” and “Two Things”.

“Away in the Globe by Marshall M. Owl”

Written, Directed and Edited by Aly Castillo, Aloof In The Globe Of Marshall M. Owl stars Miles Blue, Chris Bauer and Aly Castillo.

“Center of the Sun”

Center Of The Sun is a 16mm film directed by cinematographer Abby Goyea and starring Skyler Herrick.


“Curriculum” was written and directed by John Caudill; produced by Bryson Knupp; cinematography by Patrick Dodds; edited by Tristan Asuncion; music by John Caudill; and costume design by Lainey Auwarter.

“Homer, the Great Storyteller”

“Homer: Teller of Great Tales” was written and directed by Amelia Cameron; written by Trevor Stevens; Story of Amelia Cameron; produced by Kaitlyn Franck; cinematography by Shannon Bartos; production design by Taylor Barr; edited by Parker Kemp; sound design by Trevor Stevens and Daniel Christie; Music by Wifred Moeschter, Geet Chaudhari, Korlyn Bailey and Katerina Papadopoulou; costume coordination by Molly Brown; and hair and makeup design by Syuan Zeng.

“Last Looks”

Last Looks was written and directed by Mary Louise Renegar; cinematography and color by Joshua Campbell; and features Willie Dixon, III.

“Sammy, without strings”

“Sammy, Without Strings” is directed by Ralph Parker, III; written by Will Henderson, III, and Ralph Parker, III; produced by Jenna Cusack and Grace Williamson; cinematography by Ariano Treviño Angelone; production design by Grayson Fisher; edited by Kendall Best; sound design by Kendall Best and Daniel Christie; Music by Wilfred Moeschter; costume design by Erin Justice; and hair and makeup design by Courtney Kakac.


“Sonata” was written, directed, and with lead animation by Madison Crisp, Abby Davenport, Fern Singleton, and Vic Sosa; featuring history by Hailey Hudson and Ava Tennis; produced by Robert Mageau and Hailey Hudson; edited by Lyric Abbott; sound design by Lyric Abbott; and music by Ryan Mulder.

“Suga Brown”

“Suga Brown” is directed by Clarke Phillips; written by Pat LaGue and Clarke Phillips; produced by Blaine McIndoe and Cherise Honoré; cinematography by Jack Mohler; production design by Rin Rlayang; edited by Shane Gaber; sound design by Shane Gaber; Supervising special effects for Brianna Lances and Jonny Weaver; music by Isaac Silva; costume design by Whitney Fabre; and hair and makeup design by Rose Eubanks.

“They blossom and die”

They Bloom & Fade is directed by Zharia Spaulding; written by Hailey Hudson; with story by Lyric Abbott and Emily Kuhlmann; produced by Hailey Hudson and Ava Tennis; cinematography by Sarah King; production design by Thomas Day; edited by Noah Krueger; sound design by Lance Perl; Special Effects Supervision by Lucas Saunders; Music by Isaac Silva; costume design by Maureen Wynne; and hair and makeup design by Jade Soto.

“Two things”

“Two Things” is written and directed by Camilla Zaidee Bennett, with photography, makeup, origami and original artwork by Camilla Zaidee Bennett.

Contact: Kate Miller

November 2, 2022

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