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For many viewers, the on-screen chemistry between the today Show-casting is what turns on every day, but what are their friendships like off-camera?

The close-meshed heap includes Hoda Kobt, Savannah Guthrie, Dylan Dreyer, Craig Melvin, Al Roker and Jenna Bush Hager and there are some unexpected relationships behind closed doors.

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Many of the stars have opened up HELLO! to give exclusive details about who they are close to and who they turn to for support.

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So, is Al the resident agony aunt? Does Savannah make everyone laugh and is there anyone Hoda doesn’t get along with?

The fact is, there’s a lot of love when it comes to Today. Here’s what they said.

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Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager make each other laugh

The duo keep proving they really are co-star goals. They leave no doubt that they are true friends inside and outside the studio.

Jenna opened up about working with her co-stars while chatting with her HELLO! and revealed that she often giggles with Hoda.

Hoda and Jenna were close from the start

“I feel like Hoda and I’m laughing hysterically.” She said. “We can get into that laugh where we shouldn’t be laughing.

“That church laugh where we’re like, ‘We’re going to get in trouble,'” she shared.

Their love and support continues when the cameras stop rolling as they also take regular vacations together.

How Dylan Dreyer supports Craig Melvin

Today’s Meteorologist Dylan DreyerEarlier this year, co-host Craig Melvin gushed over her when she showed up to support him at a charity event he organized to raise awareness for colon cancer.

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His brother passed away from the disease two years ago and he wanted to honor him and raise funds with the Bottoms Up Invitational golf tournament.

Dylan recently supported Craig at a charity event following the death of his brother

Craig thanked Dylan from the bottom of his heart for not only showing up to play but for sharing posts from the event to raise awareness.

Hoda Kotb and Dylan Dreyer love their kids

Many of the today The show’s cast have children and some are the same age, something they feel brings them closer together.

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When Dylan released her new fog and the cloud book, she was grateful to have Hoda’s daughters, Haley and Hope, to bounce ideas off of as well since they turned out to be all friends.

Dylan and Hoda spent Halloween with their families this year

The mother of three spoke to HELLO! at the time, saying, “Hoda’s kids and my kids are very good friends and we live close to each other, so I was excited to tell them when the new book is out.”

They also recently added photos from their Halloween celebrations and the two families appeared to be having the best time together.

Craig Melvin can’t get enough of Al Roker

If anyone is bringing the sun, it’s according to Craig Al, who can’t get enough of the Today weatherman.

Craig says Al is as funny as he is nice – pictured with his wife Deborah Roberts

In conversation with HELLO! He said that while the dad of three is older, it makes him wiser… and funnier.

When asked who the funniest of his co-stars is, he admitted: “Al Roker. Al is so funny. He’s so quick-witted too. Some of it comes from his encyclopedic knowledge of everything. he’s funny This is also due to the fact that he has been around for a long time. He knows more because he has seen and experienced more. He’s as nice as he’s funny.”

Savannah Guthrie calls Hoda Kotb her ‘love and light’

There is no bad blood between Savannah and Hoda who want everyone to know what great friends they are.

On her birthday earlier this year, one of the first people to offer her some kind words was her co-host, who has lived for almost a decade.

Savannah and Hoda have such a great relationship on and off screen

The mother-of-two took to Instagram to pay a special tribute to Hoda, who turned 58 on Aug. 9, and the photos are as cute as it gets.

“She is our sunshine,” she said affectionately, before lovingly describing her as “our love and our light.”
Their children also have a special bond that fans are happy to see with their heartfelt social media posts.

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