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Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Louise is known for her songs about heartbreak.

Her album “The Unending Alteration of the Human Heart” was composed at home in Paonia “in the loneliness after the breakup”.

“Chopping wood, hauling water, and hearing nothing but the falling snow, she looked loneliness square in the face and demanded that her own company be enough,” reads the March 2020 liner notes for this release.

Yes, March 2020: It was also the month that COVID-19 hit the scene, and we were all more or less thrown into a more solitary — or at least less social — existence.

But times, lives and conditions of solitude all change, and tonight (Friday) Gabrielle Louise will be performing a concert “with her partner Ryan Dilts” at the Sherbino Theatre, said program director Tricia Oakland. “She’s a wonderful singer-songwriter and very popular in this region.”

Dilts’ flatpicking accompaniment — his guitar, her guitar, her vocals — “is going to be a very special experience that’s even more to love,” predicted Oakland. “We are happy to have them back. She performed an opening set for Birds of Play last spring and everyone really enjoyed it. We love supporting local musicians.”

More players from the San Juan Mountains are coming to the Sherb soon, this time from the Southwest of the Ridgway/Telluride cultural axis rather than the Northeast: On November 16th, Durango’s Stillhouse Junkies will offer “a fun, great dancehall bluegrass performance.” unlike tonight’s more intimate, packed show, Oakland said. And on Nov 18th we have “November Rain, a regional DJ dance night” featuring four decidedly different (but all sleazy) interpretations of party tunes from Goodie, Studiokind, Art Beller and Funk Delux.

If you’re craving some fresh filmmaking, the Sherbino will soon have that too: Next week is the eighth annual Ridgway Independent Spirit Film Festival, two nights of short films presented by distinguished guests from the world of filmmaking, music and literature Curated: Documentarians Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees (who will be giving a Sherb Talk on their work, Empathy for Earth on November 17), author Craig Childs and REM’s singer-songwriter Michael Stipe “will judge and assist selecting cash prizes for these independent filmmakers who submit works from around the world, Oakland said. “This year we have a new category, Emerging Voices,” a showcase for films under 20. “We’re going to be showing seven or eight films every night,” Oakland said, on topics ranging from “immigration, transgender issues and eating disorders” to “part of life about how kids in Silverton are busy mining and selling rocks, for.” summer tourists.”

The festival has in previous years offered attendees the opportunity to screen films from the comfort of their own homes, “but this year you have to watch in person,” Oakland said. “We used to only offer tickets at the box office. This year we are encouraging people to buy tickets online in advance; These nights have sold out in the past and a ticket secures you a seat.”

Following the festival, two new ski films will be screened in the historic theater: TGR’s Magic Hour will air on November 15th and Warren Miller’s latest release Daymaker will be screened on November 29th. “We also have theaters and a Mountain Film screening coming up in December, and after that we’ll close our doors until January,” Oakland said.

That means no New Year’s Eve party?

“No, we’re kinda leaving that to Telluride and Ouray.” Instead, the Sherbino’s programmers will spin and help stage Weehawken Creatives Art’s annual music and dance performance “Nutcracker” at the Montrose Pavilion. “It’s an intense weekend for all of us,” Oakland noted (the show features more than 200 dancers from across the region, ages 2 to 18, performing in a variety of genres). Before the Nutcracker extravaganza arrives in Montrose, buckle up in Ridgway for an explosion of artistic expression: concerts, a film festival, more films, a Sherb talk, literary evenings, live theatre. “It’s amazing and inspiring and we love it,” summarized Oakland. “We keep cranking.”

Gabrielle Louise and Ryan Dilts perform in a sit-down show at the Sherbino tonight (Friday) from 7:30pm to 9pm. Visit to see what else is up.

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