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Movies and TV shows have been pushing the boundaries in recent years when it comes to the gore and violence they portray on screen. Gone are the days when stomach-churning scenes were often part of independent studio productions intended to leave audiences disturbed and horrified. With the advent of streaming platforms and the relatively lax censorship of online content, filmmakers and showrunners have introduced a macabre element as a means of storytelling. For today’s List hai toh hit hai podcast, we’re taking a look at some of the most gruesome movies and TV shows of 2022! Buckle up for the ride

Barbarian (Disney+ Hotstar)

First on the list is the 2022 horror thriller barbarian This disturbing film tells the story of a woman who accidentally double-booked on Airbnb. She soon realizes that the house she lives in hides horrors and ghastly secrets in the basement. The film features some of the truly horrific images to hit the big screen this year, and the sickening secrets about the house add to the blood and violence. The film stars Georgina Campbell in the lead with Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long in supporting roles.

The Boys (Amazon Prime Video)

The Amazon Prime Original series The young is arguably one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows of recent years. This anti-superhero story is a satire on the concept of superheroes and the sacred pedestal they stand on. While the show is universally acclaimed for its social commentary on contemporary politics, it has also earned a reputation for the blood, bruising, and violence displayed on screen in every episode. From exploding heads and genitals to graphic nudity and forms of paraphilia, it’s safe to say the show has brought new meaning to graphic novel adaptations.

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Sebastian Stan has finally stepped out of the shadow of his Winter Soldier character from the Captain America franchise. And his roles have varied in scope and content, such as the controversial Tommy Lee in Pam & Tommy and as a cannibal serial killer in Fresh. The movie 2022 Fresh also characteristics normal people Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as a woman who shockingly discovers her charming new boyfriend is a cannibal. As one might imagine, the film shows gruesome details about human body parts being cooked for consumption.

A list of movies and TV shows with excessive gore and violence wouldn’t be complete if it had anything to do with it game of Thrones is not included. The prequel series house of dragon, based on the novel fire and blood, may have taken brutal on-screen killings to new heights. While the disturbing deaths in the new series may not carry the same emotional weight as the original, it certainly makes up for it given how grotesque these scenes are. From heads being sliced ​​in half to dismembered body parts, the show is sure to leave audiences shaming. There’s even a detailed miscarriage scene that’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

The Northman (Amazon Prime Video)

Filmmaker Robert Eggers has made films such as The lighthouse and The witch. his latest movie the northman, may not have been as commercially successful as he had hoped, but it was critically acclaimed upon release. The film offers an unfiltered version of the Vikings and the brutality and violence involved comes to life on screen as well. The film has eliminated the romanticized feel of the Vikings by presenting a darker and far more violent take on Scandinavian history. It’s about disturbing scenes with bulging entrails, chopped off noses and mass murder of children. Alexander Skarsgård stars in the lead role, while Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang and Ethan Hawke have supporting roles.

The final title on this list is the 2022 slasher film X The plot revolves around an adult film crew in 1970s America who decide to shoot a porn movie in a remote Texas farmhouse. They soon realize their elderly hosts have evil intentions and what follows is a series of brutal deaths that are certainly not for the faint of heart. If the gore and violence can be endured, there’s a surprisingly well-written film beneath the layers.

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