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Two veteran producers of the global phenomenon The chosen ones say they’ve seen God’s hand at work on set on numerous occasions, including moments when the cast and crew were tired and stressed and ready to give up and go home for the day.

Producers Chad Gundersen and Chris Juen say the moments – which they call wonderful – serve as a reminder of the show’s theme: the power of Jesus.

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1st season 2, sea scene

Gundersen, who has worked on religious projects like this National Bible Bee Game Show and owls, said he saw God’s hand at work during a scene in Season 2 that was set to be filmed on a lake. However, thick fog over the water prevented the scene from being filmed.

“We sat around for hours,” Gundersen told Christian Headlines and other members of the media. “… And [finally] we say, ‘okay, we just have to break up.’ So everyone starts packing up.”

A handful of crew members even made it to their cars and began driving away.

But God had other plans, Gundersen said.

“And all of a sudden I was looking across the lake… and you literally just see this fog [lift] – and it didn’t just go away slowly. I mean, it just went away,” Gundersen said, gesturing for emphasis.

Even so, the filmmakers weren’t sure if they’d get the shoot going in the remaining three or four hours before sunset. (A typical work day on set lasts about 12 hours.)

“It was like, ‘There’s no way we’re going to make this,'” Gundersen said. “It was complicated. There’s two actors in a boat, water, all these different things. [But] The two actors got on the boat and not only killed the scene, [but] They turned it off in about three or four hours. So it was just one of those things where we were like, you can’t explain that. It made no sense logistically.

“I can’t explain it,” Gundersen added. “Maybe it’s just one of them: how much do we rely on him?”

Photo Courtesy: ©The Chosen, used with permission.

The chosen ones

2. Season 1, Miraculous Catch

Juen, who has over 20 years of experience working with high-end visual effects – including on the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movies – Said that God’s hand was also at work during a scene in Season 1 dealing with the disciples’ miraculous catch of the fish. The scene required CGI effects.

“I have 20 years of experience doing high-end visual effects, and getting that into CGI usually takes three and a half to four months of planning. We had four days,” said Juen.

However, the visual effects supervisor responsible for creating the shot had difficulty completing it at such a fast pace. He said to Juen, “I’ve tried everything.”

“So Chad and I just prayed for him,” Juen said.

The next day, the man called Juen and said, “Okay, I was woken up in the middle of the night. It’s a concept I haven’t done in 20 years. And it worked. I’ll send you something.”

The concept caught on, and the scene remains one of the most popular among fans, despite the fact that no real fish were used to film it.

Photo Courtesy: ©The Chosen, used with permission.

The Chosen to begin filming The Chosen Season 3

3. Season 2, ‘Long Shot’

Juen said he also saw God’s hand at work in one of the show’s most difficult-to-shoot scenes, which included a 14-minute uninterrupted “oner” or “long shot” to open Episode 3 of the second season. It was shot outdoors late that day.

“They rehearsed a lot because it’s really like a 14-minute piece. The cameraman literally participates because he has to be in the exact position every time, all the actors have to hit their points. I mean, it’s crazy,” Juen said.

When they first tried it, there was a fault in the lines.

On the second try, the shadows of the cameraman could be seen in front of the camera.

Not wanting to fight the sun, the crew decided to wait until after sunset to try again.

“So now we have a very limited window of opportunity [before night]’ said Juen.

Since the sun is now below the horizon, the third and fourth shots also contained an error in the lines, all by the same actor.

“[He was] having a hard time,” said Juen.

With just one more attempt to film the shot before calling it quits, the actor – and everyone else – got the shot.

“It was perfect,” said Juen. “The interesting thing is that it was God’s timing because as soon as it ended, the sun had stopped [completely] set to. So we literally captured the sunset for the entire 14 minutes.”

Director Dallas Jenkins was on the verge of tears, telling others, “I can’t believe this just happened,” Gundersen said.

“If we had taken the shot earlier in the day when the sun was high or whatever, it would have been good,” Gundersen said. “But the fact that it’s literally the last of the day, the sun is going down – you can literally feel the scene getting darker as we watch it.”

Season 3 of The chosen ones opens in theaters on November 18th with the first two episodes.

Photo Courtesy: ©The Chosen, used with permission.

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