East Lansing Film Festival Documentary: Insights into the not-always-glamorous life of a TV actor – Lansing State Journal | Episode Movies

Here are some moments in the life of a successful television actor. Jim Hoffmaster was:

− Visiting his alma mater, Durand High School, when a grinning young woman burst in. She met the guy who plays Kermit on Shameless – “my favorite character on my favorite show.”

− At a street fair in North Lansing at one of his silly dances; the crowd cheered. “I’ve never been this close to being bullied,” he later said over the phone.

− And back home in Los Angeles, in a crowded studio apartment. No, he doesn’t throw elegant dinner parties there. In fact, he never has guests… and he sometimes eats soup straight from the can.

These scenes can be seen in Acting Like Nothing is Wrong, the documentary that will close the East Lansing Film Festival on November 10th. The contrasts will surprise viewers… as they surprised the filmmaker.

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