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Hollywood-based producer and director Matt Aaron Krinsky, a 1996 graduate of Peabody High School, will be returning to the area to film his independent film All Saints Day.

Krinsky, who grew up in Peabody and attended Cohen Hillel Academy in Marblehead, will begin filming in Chelsea this winter. Krinsky has strong local ties to the city.

Hollywood-based producer and director Matt Aaron Krinsky.

His grandparents, the late William and Doris Waxman, were well known in Chelsea – William as the owner of the Waxman Insurance Agency on Broadway, Doris as a community leader and a member of the Chelsea School Committee.

His mother, Debra Waxman Krinsky, graduated from Shurtleff School and Chelsea High School and became a teacher at Shurtleff School, while his father, Marty, was a popular teenage principal at the old Chelsea YMHA on Crescent Avenue. His uncles Ronald, a board member of Temple Emmanuel of Chelsea, and Steven, a Chelsea firefighter, are still active in the city.

Matt has fond memories of his childhood and often visited his grandfather William’s insurance office “right next to the fire station”.

‘We spent hours there as children, and on Cottage Street too [where the Waxman family lived]’ Matt said. “Those were great days.”

His dark comedic film All Saints Day is about four estranged siblings from an Irish immigrant family who return to Chelsea and try to set their eldest brother on a better path in life.

The story unfolds on All Saints’ Day, a Christian holiday celebrated on November 1st.

start his career as a filmmaker

Considered one of the rising stars of the film industry. Krinsky said he was “really lucky” when he was hired as a production assistant at Quentin Tarantino’s production company.

“I observed and learned a lot in this position,” Matt said. “Then I moved on and enrolled in a two-year acting conservatory program at Baron Brown Studio in Santa Monica. I went to an audition and realized I didn’t want to be an actor. However, the acting experience was incredible because now one of my strengths is directing actors. I can speak your language. I understand their process and have the utmost respect for their craft.”

In 2005 he produced his first large-scale film, Eye for an Eye, starring Sally Kirkland, a former Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee.

During his career, Krinsky has directed several short films and worked with playwrights to develop new works for theatrical production.

At Brandeis he put the Foundation for a film career

Matt Aaron Krinsky graduated from Brandeis University, a highly respected academic institution in Waltham, in 2000, where he majored in Psychology and minored in Film Studies and Art History.

“I was a med student first, but during my sophomore year I got an epiphany that I thought maybe I wanted to do something a little bit more creative,” Krinsky said. “Basically, I chose to major in psychology because I thought, how could an understanding of the human psyche not help a film director?”

He also attended a summer semester program in film studies at New York University (NYU).

Off to Hollywood

After graduating from Brandeis, “I kind of convinced my parents to let me move across country to Hollywood,” says Matt. “I had no job, no friends, not much money. My mom and I had an epic cross-country road trip adventure. She helped me look for an apartment for about a week and then I stayed here and she got on a plane home. That was in August 22 years ago.”

Bring All Hallows to the big screen

Krinsky said his current film project, All Saints Day, was seven years in the making.

“It started as a play. I know the playwright and she asked me to direct the first scenic reading,” recalls Krinsky. “We did a performance and as I stood in the back of the room, I realized that this play lends itself well to a low-budget indie film: a small cast, a main location, incredible dialogue, and lots of heart and humor.”

Krinsky said he asked the playwright if she would be interested in adapting the play into a screenplay and making a feature film, and the playwright agreed to join him on the project.

“It took about five years to put the project together, and in the last two years we’ve started to really prepare for filming,” Krinsky said. “We aim to start filming in December.”

Once the little boy who used to visit his grandparents in Chelsea, Matt Aaron Krinsky is now poised to bring Hollywood excitement to the greater Boston area. He hopes to shoot some of the film’s exterior scenes in his hometown of Peabody.

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