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During a keynote conversation on diversity‘s Business Managers Breakfast, presented by the City National Bank, Community and Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon spoke at length about the upcoming Community movie and shared that Donald Glover will be on the project down to clown” is.

Entertainment executives met Thursday morning at the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills for breakfast to discuss with Betsy Beers, CEO of Harmon and Shondaland. In addition, founding partner John Rigney was honored with the by Level Four Business Management diversity Business Manager Elite Award.

In a conversation with diversity TV Editor Michael Schneider spoke to Harmon about the ongoing development of the upcoming “Community” movie, which was officially confirmed on Peacock in late September. Harmon said that the upcoming film is currently being written and that he couldn’t imagine it without series star Donald Glover, who was not included in the cast in the original Greenlight announcement.

“For want of a better word, a ball was fumbled… [Glover] is a clown,” Harmon noted of Glover’s involvement in the film. “Man, I wouldn’t even want to think about doing it [the movie] without Donald.”

Harmon also shared insights into the business side of landing the film with the right streamer, with the final discussions taking place on either Amazon or Peacock. The latter service, which falls under the NBC banner where the show originally premiered in 2009, expressed his genuine passion to market the film as widely as possible, which influenced his decision.

“As a creative, is it wise to choose the place you think is more solvent? That’s not how a creative should think, you should follow your passion, and in the end we did just that,” said Harmon. “We can’t control the market, we can’t control Peacock’s future, so let’s ignore that, pretend all things are equal and go with what makes emotional sense.”

Harmon also spoke about how important it is for entertainment creatives to follow their passions and what makes emotional sense for them rather than getting involved with the business side of their projects. He remarked how fortunate he is not to have to worry too much about the financial side of the shows he creates throughout his career, even though a series like Rick and Morty has become a franchise with merchandising, brand collaborations and crossovers.

“Justine [Roiland, co-creator of ‘Rick and Morty’] I was very meticulous about these things which combined with Adult Swim’s passion for marketing is very fortunate that I never had to worry about all the licensing and marketing. I’ve never had to put a finger on that scale, so I just marvel at it,” Harmon said.

Also at breakfast diversity Editor Kate Aurthur sat down with Executive Producer and Shondaland Creative Partner Betsy Beers to discuss the smash hit of Netflix’s Bridgerton. She spoke at length about her role on Shondaland – the production banner founded by Shonda Rhimes – where she essentially serves as the “shadow showrunner” and works on problem solving across various shows. Beers and Rhimes first met in 2002 and they found early success on the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

“My job is to articulate the vision for the show’s creator, which includes everything from developing and supporting the original idea for the show, to creating a pitch, to producing, posting, promoting, and getting it on the air and then keep it on air,” Beers said.

Though her role requires her to wear a lot of hats, Beers stressed the importance of giving the spotlight to people working on productions that don’t get the same recognition as executives like herself and Rhimes. This idea was the basic formula behind her recent book Inside Bridgerton.

“We’re always amazed at what our crews can do and what our people who work on the show can achieve. There are a lot of moving parts everywhere,” Beers said. “Shonda always says we get the recognition, the attention and the applause, but a lot of people you don’t know work incredibly hard and are the only way these shows come about. We thought it would be great to do an oral history of the show from the perspective of all the different departments.”

The overwhelming success of Bridgerton has spawned multiple seasons, with a third and fourth already announced and a spinoff prequel series centered on a young Queen Charlotte in the works.

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