Hallmark Christmas Movies Rarely Go Over $2 Million Showbiz Cheat Sheet | Episode Movies

Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies have become a surprise juggernaut, drawing tens of millions of viewers worldwide each year. As Hollywood grows more complex, Hallmark uses a simple stroke to keep viewers coming back every holiday season. With familiar stories and a rock-solid brand, the family-friendly channel consistently turns small budgets into massive hits. A decade after the phenomenon began to take shape, Hallmark’s Christmas movies are showing an ROI that would make most film producers blush.

The Rise of the Hallmark Christmas Movies

Reshma Shetty and Will Kemp in Jolly Good Christmas | Rob Baker Ashton/Hallmark Media

The made-for-television Christmas phenomenon began with ABC Family targeting holiday crowds in the 1990s with “25 Days of Christmas,” reports Mental Floss. As ABC Family began to focus on other programming, the Hallmark Channel began to fill the void after its official launch in 2001. As of 2017, Hallmark released as many as 33 original films for the holiday season, each with a production price tag of about $2 million, according to Business Insider.

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