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HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Encino Environmental Services, LLC (“Encino”), a leading provider of emission performance testing, detection, quantification and analytics for the energy and other industries, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent applications for Encino has approved and issued a new patent that further strengthens the company’s intellectual property position and value proposition.

The patent covers Encino’s proprietary technology for providing a visual continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) on a mobile platform with an extendable mast that can be mounted on a vehicle or trailer. Encino’s mobile CEMS capability is the backbone behind the company’s EmVision™ service offering, which enables rapid mobilization of accurate continuous emissions monitoring, including methane intensity, flare monitoring and efficiency, and flame detection. In addition, the telescoping mast makes deployment in the field quick and easy, without the time and expense of attaching fixed camera units to a well, pipeline or production facility.

Encino’s proprietary technology is applicable to remote locations typically associated with power generation and storage, landfill and farm operations. Mobility also offers significant cost savings for customers who want high-quality, real-time visual analysis of their methane emissions profiles by making hyperspectral and multispectral imaging technology portable so that it can be economically mobilized to multiple locations.

“This patent demonstrates Encino’s commitment to helping the energy sector produce cleaner energy through innovative technology,” said Scott McCurdy, CEO of Encino. “The demand for high quality, transparent solutions to monitor, detect and analyze methane emissions is increasing rapidly. Customers using our proprietary mobile continuous monitoring units can quickly and easily deploy high-resolution cameras to locations for continuous emissions monitoring, reducing the need to use fewer units to address tactical compliance requirements and strategic ESG initiatives across the field.

McCurdy continued, “We have deployed mobile units to nearly twenty customers over the past eighteen months, including upstream and midstream oil and gas operations, oilfield services and landfill operations. This patent confirms the uniqueness and innovation of our product offering. We are investing aggressively to increase our fleet to meet increasing demand from both new and existing customers.”

Encino’s CEMS program, combined with its products for emissions testing, leak detection and repair, satellite emissions monitoring, and emissions abatement products, make Encino one of the most comprehensive emissions solution providers in the industry. When used together, these technologies help Encino’s customers leverage data from their compliance programs and continuous monitoring initiatives to develop accurate and actionable emissions profiles and a more truthful picture of their carbon intensity.

Williams, one of the nation’s largest midstream energy companies and an investor in Encino Environmental Services, has successfully deployed Encino technology in its field services for the past 12 months. “The mobile CEMS systems have provided us with the highest quality visual emissions data, enabling us to quickly make decisions and take actions that further reduce our emissions,” said Mark Gebbia, Williams vice president, Environmental, Regulatory and Permitting and board member by Encino. “The CEMS camera data combined with Encino’s engine testing and leak detection services provide us with multiple sources of emissions data, ensuring a complete emissions profile that we can use to track our climate goals.”

Encino’s analytics are based on trusted, accurate data with a verifiable audit trail needed to make tangible and meaningful operational improvements, reduce risk, benefit from certified gas markets, and gain investor access to capital differentiate conditions.

About Encino Environmental Services

Founded in 2010 and based in Houston, Texas, Encino Environmental Services, LLC provides emissions monitoring and advanced environmental data platforms to measure and minimize emissions to support regulatory compliance and ESG strategies and goals. The company operates throughout the United States, covering all major oil and gas basins and select international markets. Visit www.encinoenviron.com for more information.

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