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poker face, disease and have need are going to Sky Cinema and NOW in November 2022. (SkyUK/Sony)

This month NOW and Sky Cinema are all about the World Cup, with a huge range of football-based programs and documentaries coming out ahead of the tournament in Qatar. Harry and Jamie Redknapp headline a new series while there are documents covering the 2002 and 1990 tournaments and a special look at England legend Sir Geoff Hurst.

On the film front, Sony’s superhero outing disease is available to stream while Letitia Wright stars in the Sky Original drama aisha and Russell Crowe appears in a mystery thriller poker face.

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Of course, NOW offers the option to purchase one of their tailored memberships that reflect the type of content you want to watch. For movie lovers there is the NOW Cinema membership, while TV junkies can purchase the NOW Entertainment membership and sports fans can purchase the NOW Sports membership.

Here’s coming to Sky Cinema this month and NOW…

New films on Sky Cinema and NOW in November 2022

Hurst: The first and only (November 12th)

Geoff Hurst remains the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a World Cup final.  (Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Getty)

Geoff Hurst remains the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a World Cup final. (Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Getty)

In 1966, Sir Geoff Hurst became the first – and so far only – player to score a hat-trick in the World Cup final by scoring three of England’s four goals against West Germany. More than 50 years later, this documentary explores the highlights of Hurst’s sporting career while examining the tragedy and adversity that shaped the man off the field.

poker face (November 12th)

Eight years after his directorial debut The water seekerRussell Crowe is back behind the camera for mystery thrillers poker face. Crowe also plays a tech billionaire who gathers his friends for a high-stakes poker night at his house every year.

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This year things are different and the friends have some dark ulterior motives – but Crowe’s character also has some secrets up his sleeve.

aisha (November 17)

Black Panther Actress Letitia Wright plays the title character in this drama – a Nigerian asylum seeker struggling to navigate bureaucracy to settle in Ireland. The crown Star Josh O’Connor plays a troubled man in her dorm room, and they bond as they try to find their feet in the world.

The Ghost of Richard Harris (November 19)

Veteran documentarian Adrian Sibley directs this portrait of the late Irish actor Richard Harris and explores his acting skills – right up to his role as Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter Films – as well as its well-documented off-camera problems.

New TV on Sky and NOW in November 2022

The good doctor S6 (November 1st)

Freddie Highmore returns as the newly married doctor in this medical drama, as this season picks up steam again after the deadly cliffhanger that put scores of hospital workers in danger.

Dating Death: The Rodney Alcala Story (November 2)

Rodney Alcala died in prison last year while awaiting execution after being convicted of five murders committed in the 1970s. Authorities now believe he may have actually killed up to 100 people. This series explores his crimes and the notoriety he received – partly as a result of his appearance on a US television show The dating game.

hostages (November 2)

In 1979, Iranian student activists stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took dozens of Americans hostage. The incident grew into a diplomatic crisis that dragged on for well over a year and is discussed in this documentary series.

have need S1 (November 3)

Harry Redknapp and his son Jamie Redknapp try to meet football icons ahead of the World Cup in the new series Got Got Need.  (Sky UK)

Harry Redknapp and his son Jamie Redknapp are trying to meet soccer icons in new series ahead of the World Cup have need. (Sky UK)

Although the title of this soccer-based series is based on the classic playground refrain, it’s not about sticker collecting. Instead, the show follows Jamie Redknapp and his father Harry as they try to complete a challenge set by Jack Whitehall – racking up as many meetings with football icons as possible ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.

Dress code of nature: who wears what and why? (November 6th)

Animal coats are usually chosen for convenience rather than fashion. This documentary explores the unique adaptations and vast possibilities of the “clothes” worn by animals, even in some of the most inhospitable places on earth.

The royal mob (7 November)

This hybrid drama-documentary explores the 19th century through the eyes of four of Queen Victoria’s grandchildren who have married into Europe’s most important families. Dramatic scenes are interwoven with analysis by real history experts.

Sex & Sensitivity (7 November)

After the enormous success of Bridgeton Over at Netflix, the spotlight is on Georgian and Regency sexuality. This documentary uses insights from historians and dramatic reconstructions to examine people’s sex lives during these periods.

Gods of the Game: A Soccer Opera (November 13th)

The jukebox opera

Jukebox Opera gods of the game was specially commissioned in the run-up to the 2022 World Cup. (Sky UK)

One of the more unusual programs before the World Cup is gods of the game – a brand new opera about two friends fighting to promote their country to host the spectacle of football. It will explore the joy of sport as well as the darker sides of its upper echelons, with musical input including a chorus of real football fans.

Brazil 2002 (November 13th)

Two decades after their triumphs in South Korea and Japan, this documentary special examines what made the Brazilian team such an unstoppable force in the early noughties. England fans might want to close their eyes as Ronaldinho’s free-kick circles over David Seaman’s head again. A painful memory.

Italia 90: Four weeks that changed the world (November 13th)

Sky's new documentary series Italia 90 explores one of the most important World Cup tournaments in recent memory.  (SkyUK/Getty)

The new documentaries from Sky Italy 90th examines one of the most important World Cup tournaments in recent history. (SkyUK/Getty)

The 1990 World Cup in Italy was one of the most memorable international tournaments in recent years, from Gazza’s tears to the surprise win of 500-1 underdogs Cameroon to West Germany’s dramatic late victory. This three-part series delves into the stories on and off the pitch and unveils the ingredients that make such an exceptional piece of sports drama.

The coroner S4 (November 14)

In the fourth series of this Canadian procedure, Serinda Swan returns in the title role and investigates the mysterious deaths of a boy who was washed up on a beach and a comic book artist.

Crazy rich antiquity S1 (November 14)

Billionaires may be a very modern phenomenon, but the super-rich have always been around. This historical documentary series examines some of the most eccentric and bizarre wealthy people of all time and reveals their indulgence and opulence.

Rob and Romesh against the three lions (November 17)

Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan meet the England team as they prepare for the World Cup in Qatar.  (Sky UK)

Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett meet the England team as they prepare for the World Cup in Qatar. (Sky UK)

In this special installment of the long-running series from comedian friends Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett, the duo hangs out with the stars of the England soccer team as they prepare for Qatar. You also have the option of cracking boss Gareth Southgate’s head.

The big game S1 (November 18)

This eight-part Italian series examines the dark side of the football transfer market through the eyes of disgraced agent Corso (Francesco Montanari).

avenue 5 S2 (TBC November)

Armando Iannucci’s sci-fi satire returns for a second season as the crew continues to try to get their space tourism ship back on track. Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad and Lenora Crichlow are back as staff members desperate to solve the problems and keep the unruly passengers at bay.

Extreme Snakes (TBC November)

Snakes are among the most fascinating creatures on earth, and this documentary explores their diverse world – from venomous predators to giant constrictors.

Hold the front page (TBC November)

Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar swap the stand-up stage for the local newsroom in this series, in which they travel the country and work for various newspapers while trying to track down real local stories to get them to print.

upright S2 (TBC November)

Tim Minchin directs the Australian road trip series Upright.  (Sky UK/Foxtel)

Tim Minchin directs the Australian road trip series upright. (Sky UK/Foxtel)

The Aussie road trip series returns, with comedian Tim Minchin back in the starring role alongside Milly Alcock – boosted by her work as a young Rhaenyra Targaryen in house of the dragon. This time, they travel through the tropics of Queensland in search of Alcock’s character’s mother, who has disappeared into the rainforest.

What the killer did next (TBC November)

This true crime series takes an interesting look at the circumstances surrounding murder. It uses interviews with neighbors and police officers to piece together the events immediately following the crimes as the killers try to cover their tracks.

More films and series on Sky Cinema and NOW in November 2022

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November 12th

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