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November is here, and if you’re an entertainment enthusiast like me, you’re probably wondering what new movies and shows will be debuting throughout the month. I love it when the holidays roll around, and there’s just something unmatched about curling up on the couch to watch some of my favorite shows. And while arriving in November means saying goodbye to the spooky season and Halloween movies and shows, that doesn’t mean the entertainment space plans to slow down at all.

With so many new releases to choose from, I’ve compiled a list of the hottest new movies and shows coming this November from your favorite streaming services.


Selena Gomez: My mind and I (4 Nov)

This might be the November release I’m most looking forward to: It’s the Selena Gomez documentary. This documentary follows Gomez through the last six years of her life and is sure to pull off even more layers we haven’t seen from the superstar and founder of Rare Beauty. In the official trailer, Gomez bares it all and shows an extremely vulnerable side of himself that is sure to touch viewers’ hearts. The trailer makes me shed a tear just watching it and I can’t imagine how emotional My mind & I will be real.


young royals Season 2 (Nov. 1)

That’s right — the ever-popular coming-of-age queer romance series is back on November 1st. young royals follows the story of two young men, Prince Wilhelm and Simon, as they navigate their romance while feeling the pressures of society on their shoulders. After their season 1 sex tape was leaked, I’ll be sure to tune in to see if Wilhelm and Simon can get back on track or if Wilhelm will prioritize his duties as Crown Prince.

love is blind Season 3, episode. 8-10 (Nov. 2) & Season Finals (Nov. 9)

If you followed me love is blind Throughout Season 3, be sure to tune in for the final episodes of this *messy* season on November 2nd and 9th. The series has proven to be turbulent in the past, and Season 3 is no different, with questions brewing about which couples will stay together or break up ahead of the November 9th finale!

Enola Holmes 2 (4 Nov)

Ever-popular actress Millie Bobby Brown returns to her role as Enola Holmes on November 4th. As the sister of the infamous Sherlock Holmes, we get to watch as Enola progresses through her career as a detective and takes on the case of a missing girl. Enola is accompanied throughout the film by her infamous brother, Sherlock Holmes. So if you are interested in fictional criminology, this is the movie for you.

Buy Beverly Hills Season 1 (Nov. 4)

As a big fan of Real housewives franchise when I found out that housewife Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky was going to start his own Sell ​​sunset-inspired real estate fair, I was immediately fascinated. in the Buy Beverly HillsFans can watch Umansky, his stepdaughter Farrah, and daughter Alexia as they navigate the luxury real estate scene in the Beverly Hills area.

The crown Season 5 (Nov 9)

The crown is a fictional series based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family in general, and is back for its fifth season. After the Queen died earlier this year at the age of 96, many believed filming and production would halt The crown. In fact, the cast learned the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death while she was on set, so it’s clear Season 5 will be emotional for many.

There was also debate around the fifth season as it is supposed to cover the 1990s period, which was an extremely tough time for the royal family. One of the most intriguing questions on everyone’s lips is whether The crown follows Princess Diana’s tragic car accident in 1997. The series has received serious backlash since then Rumors of filming leading up to the car crash have leakedtherefore it is not certain what exactly will be included in Season 5.

elite Season 6 (Nov. 18)

One of Netflix’s most popular series, elite, is back for its sixth season. The teen drama took fans by storm after its first season. elite follows the fictional story of teenagers who attend the prestigious Las Encinas school in Madrid and are plagued by some dark realities, I might add. Season 5 left viewers on a cliffhanger with main character Samuel, so it’s finally time to answer some of the fans’ questions.

Wednesday Season 1 (Nov. 23)

Tim Burtons Wednesday Coming to Netflix on November 23, it follows the story of the Addams family’s eldest daughter, Wednesday Addams. That’s right, Wednesday is stepping into her own life in this new series, learning to control her own abilities while attending Nevermore Academy. Even though Halloween has just ended Wednesday will surely pass on those spooky vibes you might still be dying to get a grip on.


The Santas Miniseries (Nov. 16)

That’s right — Tim Allen is back as Santa. I can’t describe the nostalgia that washes over my body every time I watch them again Santa Claus Movies, and now I can relive that. In this two-episode miniseries, Scott Calvin decides it’s time to give up his role as Santa when everything goes wrong. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds, and I’m even more excited to see some of the original characters that brought so much joy to Gen Z’s childhood holidays.

Disenchanted (18 Nov)

Disney+ is bringing back all the classics this November, y’all! If you’ve seen the classic Enchanted Movie you want to tune into Disenchanted, the official sequel to the film. After living in the real world for quite a while, Giselle harbors a desire to live a more fairytale life… which quickly turns her world upside down.


College Girls Sex Life Season 2 (Nov. 17)

Come on, not everyone loves Gen Zer College Girls Sex Life? The series follows, well, you guessed it – the sex lives of some college girls. On the front line, we see four best friends Kimberly, Leighton, Bela and Whitney go through the different struggles that come with being a college woman while attending Essex College.

Dear Lizzo (Nov 24)

It was about time. Lizzo’s documentary officially comes out on November 24th. As one of the hottest emerging artists of our generation, Lizzo’s documentary will showcase her story to the world. Dear Lizzo will take fans through the journey of Lizzo’s early beginnings before she becomes a superstar.


Planetary sex with Cara Delevingne Season 1 (Nov. 29)

In its first season Planetary sex with Cara Delevingne promises to explore everything about sex. The megamodel will delve into the many layers of human sexuality. Speaking at a MIPCOM conference, Delevingne opened up about the experience filming the planet sex Series. Mentioning that filming daily is a whole new experience, she said, “One day you’re having your blood drawn while you’re orgasming, the next day you’re going to a porn library.”


Criminal Thoughts: Evolution (Nov 24)

criminal thoughts Fans will want to prepare for that, because the show’s reboot will officially debut this November. When the show probably ended on February 19, 2020 after almost 15 years, the viewers were incredibly sad. Now we can see the fresh, reimagined version of the crime series, this time exclusively on Paramount+.


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (Nov 23)

Another movie perfect for our crime lovers, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is the sequel to Rian Johnsons knife out. Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to delve deeper into an ongoing criminal mystery. glass onion will also be available to stream on Netflix starting December 23.

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