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Hannibal Lecter single-handedly transformed the cinematic serial killer. Before him they were monsters in rubber masks; Through Lecter, they evolved into masterminds capable of psychologically toying with their prey. More than three decades after Anthony Hopkins made the cannibal formerly known as the Chesapeaker Ripper iconic The silence of the Lambs, he remains the benchmark for mass murder in film. To celebrate the Chianti-sipping, liver-bean-eating psychiatrist’s impact, here’s every Hannibal Lecter film adaptation ranked, from blockbusters to art-house cult classics to an entire TV show.

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6. Hannibal Rising (2007)

Hannibal Lecter novelist Thomas Harris was essentially blackmailed into writing this prequel. Hannibal and Red Dragon Producer Dino De Laurentiis claims he told the writer, “If you don’t do it [Rising]I’ll do it with someone else,” forcing a hated 2006 novel and an even more hated film adaptation the following year.

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