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We’ve made a habit of ending each month with a rundown of our favorite queer movie and TV trailers that have hit the internet over the past few weeks. So, yes, it’s purely coincidental that October’s recap falls on Halloween. But we can assure you that this list is all goodies, not tricks!

Throughout October we saw new previews of all manner of exciting, up-and-coming gay entertainment – everything from sexy film festival favorites to true crime documentaries to the highly anticipated returns of two of our (very different) favorite TV series: The White Lotus and young royals.

To help you keep up with it all, we’ve put together this handy guide that rounds up the best and gayest trailers to hit the web in October. Check them all out below and mark your calendars accordingly!

The White Lotus: Sicily

Jennifer Coolidge’s affection-seeking Tanya McQuoid is the only recurring guest to check in for HBO’s second season The White lotus, which also stars Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, Tom Hollander and Theo James – whose “well endowed” character isn’t afraid to strip naked. Fresh from his Emmys sweepstakes, queer creator Mike White moves the action to a Sicilian resort and says the scenic destination will be the setting for a cutting and hilarious social satire about sexual politics. The White lotus was one of our favorite shows of 2021, so at this point we’d follow White and Coolidge wherever they want to take us.

Premieres October 30 on HBO, with new episodes airing every Sunday and streaming simultaneously on HBO Max.

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mama’s boy

Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black looks back on his childhood in the moving documentary mama’s boy. Raised as a Mormon, Black used to believe that his attraction to men meant he would go to Hell. But when we finally got to his mother, Roseanne — who had polio as a child — the pair had an illuminating discussion that would forever change their relationship and inspire his career as a storyteller and activist. Laurent Bouzereau (Natalie Wood: What remains) is directed and features interviews with Black’s husband Tom Daley and many of their loved ones.

Premiered October 18 on HBO, streaming now on HBO Max.

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Should I compare you to a summer day?

Filmmaker Mohammad Shawky Hassan’s queer contemporary musical sounds like a truly unique cinematic experience. Inspired by his diaries, Hassan turns sexy love and longing stories into beautiful folk tales and interweaves them all with the sounds of Egyptian pop music. This imaginative approach to autofiction draws audiences in with gorgeous colors, handsome actors, and imaginative cuts. And although it’s been banned in Hassan’s home country of Egypt for depicting homosexual relationships, we’re thrilled to be able to stream it in the US.

Stream now exclusively on Dekkoo.

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The young royalsseason 2

The first season of Netflix’s steamy Scandinavian teen drama left us hanging with its hapless lovers – Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and his classmate Simon (Omar Rudberg) – pushing each other away. Now, after 15 months of waiting, Season 2 picks up right where we left off and the students return to the halls of the renowned Hillerska boarding school. Can Simon ever trust Wilhelm again? How will August (Malte Gårdinger) deal with the consequences of their relationship breaking up? And who is this pretty new guy (Tommy Wättring)? He looks like he’s going to be a problem for “Wilmon” shippers!

Premieres November 1 on Netflix.

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God forbid: The sex scandal that brought down a dynasty

We’re sure you’ve heard the one about the young pool boy who was (allegedly) involved in a seven-year illicit affair with anti-LGBTQ activist Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife Becki, right? Well, the fallen falwells have told their side of the story, but now it’s the turn of the pool boy. Giancarlo Granda is in the hot seat for this shocking documentary from the filmmaker behind it Cocaine Cowboys. It’s the movie the Falwells don’t want to see that shows how this romantic entanglement has had an outsized impact on both the evangelical church and the 2020 election.

Premiered November 1st on Hulu.

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All the beauty and the bloodshed

This stunning documentary explores the life of LGBTQ photographer and activist Nan Goldin and refines her brave fight to take down the pharmaceutical company that effectively started the opioid crisis. From award-winning director Lauren Poitras, All the beauty and the bloodshed wowed audiences at the Venice International Film Festival, where it took home the top prize, and is already hailed as the front-runner for the Oscar for Best Documentary. In other words, everyone will be talking about it – don’t miss it.

Launches in NYC and LA on November 23 and expands to additional theaters on December 2.

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Golden Delicious

In this Canadian charmer, Senior Jake (Cardi Wong) feels like he’s drowning in expectations — his dad wants him to join the basketball team, his girlfriend wants to have sex for the first time, and he just wants to figure out where his life is going. Things get even more complicated when he meets his confident gay new neighbor Aleks (Chris Carson), a star athlete who might convince Jake to give the basketball team a try. From director Jason Karman, Golden Delicious uses Jake’s budding queer romance as a springboard to explore powerful themes of family, legacy and authenticity.

Now play the film festival circuit, Golden Delicious Next up is the Vancouver Asian Film Fest on November 6th. Further release details are yet to be announced.

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horse game

Provocative Argentinian filmmaker Marco Berger continues to push the boundaries of queer desire horse game. The film invites viewers to a vacation retreat with a group of “straight” men who are comfortable stripping, taunting and teasing each other in a constant game of homosocial superiority. Sexy, sure, but hugely problematic, the charged playfulness between friends is steeped in homophobia, and the darkly funny film plays like a ticking time bomb of toxic masculinity, prompting viewers to consider: Is this the kind of masculinity we’re after want to yearn for us? ?

Now play the film festival circuit, horse game next is going to the Melbourne Queer Film Fest on November 13th. Further release details are yet to be announced.

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