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Get to know Sweet, my cop and mammals are going to Prime Video UK in November 2022. (prime video)

Harry Styles’ transformation from breakout star of the world’s biggest boy band to leading man in the film continues on Prime Video UK this month my cop arrives

Styles plays a 1950s undercover cop who secretly begins a relationship with a man while married to a woman he plays The crownis Emma Corrin.

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Elsewhere on the platform The big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco stars in a romantic comedy opposite Pete Davidson and James Corden plays a Michelin-starred chef in a comedy-drama series mammals.

Judy justice also returns as Rio Ferdinand hosts a hard-hitting football documentary.

Here’s all the news coming to Prime Video UK this month…

New films are coming to Prime Video UK in November 2022

my cop (November 4th)

Based on the novel by Bethan Roberts, this romantic drama stars Harry Styles and Emma Corrin as a husband and wife hiding a secret in 1950s Brighton. Style’s character PC Tom Burgess is a gay man who is in a relationship with museum curator Patrick (David Dawson). The trio work to hide the secret as the story progresses to meet the characters later in their lives. Linus Roache plays the older styles, with Gina McKee impersonating Corrin’s character and Rupert Everett replacing Dawson.

autumn blow (November 10)

Spanning three decades, this drama follows the fortunes of two Milan-born brothers as they try to work their way up the Italian rap music scene. Paco is a gifted performer, while Tito has incredible writing skills – but love stands in the way of their rise to the top.

La Caida (November 11th)

Argentinian director Lucía Puenzo directs this thriller about a woman (Karla Souza) committed to the world of competitive diving whose commitment to the sport is tested by a chilling revelation that comes just before her last chance at an opportunity arrives at the Olympic Games.

The people we hate at the wedding (November 18)

Sibling screenwriter duo Molyneux sisters who will be collaborating on the upcoming film dead pool 3 – wrote this comedy in which Kristen Bell and Ben Platt play siblings and reluctantly attend their wealthy half-sister’s British wedding (The Rings of Power Star Cynthia Addai Robinson). Allison Janney plays her mother. Of course, the wedding is the perfect place for family tensions to surface.

Good night Oppy (November 23)

Ryan White directs this documentary about the incredible journey of the Opportunity Rover. Launched in 2003, it was scheduled for a 90-day mission on the surface of Mars. It survived for more than 14 years and is now considered one of NASA’s most successful missions to the Red Planet.

Get to know Sweet (25. November)

The screenplay for this time-wasting romcom was blacklisted for best unproduced screenplays in 2018 but has now made it to screens. Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson play a dating couple, but there’s a time-travel twist when Cuoco’s character discovers a time machine that allows her to travel back and “fix” elements of their dates.

After the success of Time Loop romcom PalmSprings Recently this could be another fun ride.

New TV shows are coming to Prime Video UK in November 2022

El Presidente: The Corruption Game S2 (November 4)

Set in the world of FIFA, this satirical comedy series returns for a second season, this time exploring the organization’s rise to supremacy under former President João Havelange.

Judy justice S2 (7 November via Freevee)

Judge Judy is making the move to streaming with her new court show Judy Justice.  (Freevee)

Judge Judy makes the move to streaming with her new show in the courtroom Judy justice. (Freevee)

Judge Judy delivers more of her wild insights into the courtroom with new episodes of her show for Freevee after winning an Emmy for her first season. Freevee’s flagship original show is back, and the streamer is allowing her to take on cases worth up to $10,000 (£8,700).

Savage X Fenty Show Vol 4 (9 November)

Featuring an all-star line-up of famous faces and models, this fashion extravaganza returns for the fourth year in a row. It features the best new looks from Savage X Fenty – Rihanna’s all-encompassing lingerie brand.

A Grito Herido S1 (November 11)

Four friends and their singing teacher achieved promising early success as a cover band until a behind-the-scenes argument separated them. They reunite seven years later for a group wedding and the fault lines in their relationships are soon revealed.

mammals S1 (November 11)

Acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Jez Butterworth wrote this six-part comedy in which James Corden plays a Michelin-starred chef who discovers a dark secret about his pregnant wife. He teams up with his brother-in-law to investigate, but this only sheds light on issues in their marriage. Sally Hawkins, Melia Kreiling and Colin Morgan star alongside Corden.

Play-Doh crushes (weekly from November 11th via Freevee)

modern family Star Sarah Hyland directs this competitive series where families compete to make the best Play-Doh creations.

Rio Ferdinand’s turning point (November 11th)

Rio Ferdinand explores the social issues of modern football in his new documentary, Tipping Point.  (Prime video)

Rio Ferdinand explores the social issues surrounding modern football in a new documentary turning point. (Prime video)

This three-part series follows former Manchester United and England footballer Rio Ferdinand as he tackles some of the biggest social issues in football today. The first episode focuses on the problem of racism on football pitches; the second examines why there is no openly gay Premier League footballer and the third looks at the sport’s mental health crisis at an academy level.

Leverage: Repayment S2 (November 16 via Freevee)

This revival of the action crime show leverage returns for a second run as the team continues to work to bring down rich criminals.

More films and series to watch on Prime Video UK in November 2022

November 3rd

advanced (2019 via Freevee)

Kill the messenger (2014 via Freevee)

Wrong place (2022 via Freevee)

Jeremy Renner stars in the journalism thriller Kill the Messenger.  (focus functions)

Jeremy Renner stars in a journalistic thriller Kill the messenger. (focus functions)

November 4th

Hex (S1-2 via Freevee)

November 10th

columbo (S1-7 via Freevee)

Mister Nobody (2009 via Freevee)

Smoking aces (2006 via Freevee)

Ultrasonic (2021 via Freevee)

November 17th

Angela’s Ashes (1999 via Freevee)

field of dreams (1989 via Freevee)

Gold Stars: The History of FIFA World Cup Tournaments (2017 via Freevee)

sensation (2021 via Freevee)

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November 18

The FBI files (S1-7 via Freevee)

the wrong girl (S1-2 via Freevee)

November 23

Byzantium (2012 via Freevee)

let me in (2010 via Freevee)

November 24th

police officers (S24-29 via Freevee)

A true thing (1998 via Freevee)

refuge (S1-4 via Freevee)

The shape of things (2003 via Freevee)

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